Learn how to grow green tea and have access to your own treasure of unbeatable health and a great source of refreshment.

How To Grow Green Tea

If you are looking for weight loss options, then green tea is one of the most effective weight loss measures that a person can take. A slim and toned body, flat abs and a sleek look is the dream body the youth of today would like to sport. In this race of various weight loss products to convince people, green tea wins the bait quite effortlessly. Green tea is a health drink made out of oxidized leaves of the camellia sinensis plant and is a useful natural remedy for weight loss and other health related problems. Green tea can also make a refreshing morning and evening beverage along with providing you with a complete health package. Though there are many varieties of this herbal tea available in any local store, the thought of growing these plants at home is indeed interesting. This article provides you with few green tea growing tips that will guide you from step one i.e. from buying the seeds to harvesting it. Read on to learn more.

Growing Green Tea

Things Needed

  • Sandy soil
  • Mulch
  • Green tea plant cuttings
  • You can either buy seeds of the green tea plant or purchase some plant cuttings from a green tree nursery or from the local greenhouse. If you are planning to sow seeds, you must be prepared to patiently wait since it takes a long time for the plant to grow into adult plants.
  • Once you have bought the cutting from the nearest store, plant them in sandy soil in an open space in your garden or backyard. Make sure that you water the plant frequently without fail and also use suitable fertilizers from time to time in order to speed up the growing process.
  • The green tea plants should be approximately placed at a distance of 3 feet from one another. You will have to plant green tea in a sunny to semi-shaded area which is the suitable condition for healthy growth of the plant.
  • You will have to plant the cuttings in a place where they get enough support and protection from the house wall, tree or any other structure against strong wind. Green tea needs to be cropped back every 4 years in order to regenerate the bush and to maintain proper height. Also make sure that you put sufficient mulch around each plant. Mulch will protect the plants from weeds and will also help in maintaining the moisture of the soil.
  • Tea plants undergo two development phases, the growth phase and the dormant phase. The dormant phase of the plant starts in the winter; therefore as soon as the shoots emerge out during the spring season, the new shoots should be plucked for tea. Whereas in the summer season there will be many flushes throughout the year and in this season the two uppermost leaves and the new buds can be plucked for tea during each flush.
  • Here is what a new gardener should keep in mind. If you have opted to sow seeds to grow tea plants, then you will have to wait for at least three years before your plant is ready for harvest.
  • Once your plant is ready for harvest, make sure that you harvest only the youngest of all tea leaves and buds. You should pluck the terminal three leaves along with the terminal bud while harvesting the new leaves and buds.
  • Once you have plucked the tea leaves, it’s time to enjoy the aromatic taste of the tea. Allow the plucked leaves to dry out from direct contact with the sun for few hours.
  • Once dry, steam the leaves in a pan over the stove to a temperature of 500 degrees F for about 14 minutes. Move the pan continuously to prevent the leaves from burning due to excess heat.
  • Store the dried leaves in a cool and dark place until you are ready to use them. In this way the tea leaves will not lose its aroma.

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