Adequate care must be taken for growing peach trees to ensure good fruits. Check out tips on how to grow peach tree.

Growing Peach Trees

Often grown in warmer climates, peach trees are more robust than citrus trees. They originated from China and flourish on a commercial basis basically in Mediterranean areas. Peach trees need a sunny place to grow and require a place that is free from bitter cold and frost. They cannot blossom if there is frost and thus can’t be grown in frost prone areas. Home grown peaches are definitely juicier and riper than those that are grown commercially, since the commercial ones are plucked before they are fully ripe, which means they never develop the full ripe taste like you would have in a home grown peach. Check out tips on growing peach trees.
How to Grow Peach Trees 
  • Once you plant your peach tree and it grows up to a height of one foot, stake it. This means you need to give support to the growing plant by tying it to a sturdy pole or stick to prevent it from swaying in a direction. This also protects the roots from damage.
  • Use good quality tree fertilizer, which will boost its growth. Follow the instructions given on the packet of the fertilizer and use only that much amount. Anything less and you tree will not grow well; anything more and your tree might have a reaction due to chemicals. Ideally, 1-2 pounds of fertilizer is enough twice a year for a peach tree that is 4 years old.
  • The best time to use fertilizer is in March and then again in May. Also use a lot of natural humus to make sure the tree receives natural nutrients. Don’t forget to water it thoroughly.
  • In order to maximize the quality and size of peaches on your tree, pluck a few baby peaches in early season. This ensures that the ones that are left will grow larger.
  • Fruits damaged by insects or other external forces are best if plucked out as soon as possible. This promotes good growth in the peaches that are healthy.
  • Before the buds open up, spray some amount of dormant oil fruit tree, which will make sure a wide array of insects are killed and kept at bay.
  • Once you pluck the peaches, store them in a cool, dark and dry place to ensure their longevity.

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