Radish is a must have for a complete salad. Read the article below to know how to grow radish.

How To Grow Radish

Radish has a sharp taste that can spice up any salad. And its color makes them very desirable for garnishing. Many people, especially children do not favor radish much due to their strong flavor. They are usually taken raw but there are a few dishes that effectively incorporats radish. One good way is to grate them with pastas. Radish is an excellent source for nutrition and also have many medicinal benefits like it is used for the treatment of cough, gastric discomfort, constipation, liver problems etc.  Since radish is very easy to grow any aspiring gardener can his first lessons in gardening by learning how to grow it. The demands for growing radishes are few as they tolerate various soil and climate types. But the most attractive advantage is that you don’t have to wait a long time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Compared to other vegetables radish grows quite fast. The only requirement is a plot of land or a suitable container to grow them. Read the article given below to know the tips on growing radishes.

Tips On Growing Radishes
  • The radish belongs to the Brassicaceae family and the various varieties can be grown in summer, winter and spring.
  • The radish can be long and tapered as well as globe shaped.
  • The leaves grow from stems that rise from the roots. 
Site For Planting
  • Select the site which receives the full sun or with a partial shade.
  • The soil should be loose and well drained.
  • Clear the soil off lumps, rocks and roots as the roots grow malformed due to obstruction.
  • If you are using compost then use it on the planting beds before sowing the radish seeds.
  • The soil should have a pH of 5.5 to 6.8. 
Planting Time
  • Radish require at least 70 days to be ready for harvest. So, they must be planted before the weather gets too warm.
  • It is also better to grow radishes in late autumn and early winter.
  • During the long days the radishes may flower early so plant them during the short days of spring and autumn. 
Planting And Spacing
  • The radish seeds should be planted ½ inch deep and 1 inch apart.
  • If you want to plant seedlings then they must be spaced four inches apart and in wide rows.
  • In winter varieties the room should be even more.
  • The rows should be spaced 15 inches apart. 
Water And Feeding
  • The soil beds must be kept moist but take care not to make it wet.
  • Watering regularly will make the plant grow quickly.
  • If the radishes are not watered properly then the taste will become affected.
  • At midseason add compost by the side of the plant. 
  • If the days are long then the radishes will go to seed. So during long summer months the plants must be covered so that instead of 12 they receive 8 hours of light.
  • Water them regularly and evenly. 
Container Growing
  • Radishes can effectively grown in containers.
  • The seeds must be sown at least six inches deep.
  • Plant them in the container in concentric circles.
  • In warm weather the containers must be kept in cool shade. 
  • The most common pest that should be taken care of are aphids and root maggots.
  • The infected radish should be removed.
  • However, pests do not pose a major problem as the radishes grow quickly. 
  • Radishes are not affected by any serious disease. 
  • In spring the radishes are ready for harvest in about 40 days while in winter it takes about 60 days.
  • You can know when the radishes are ready for harvest when the roots reach 1 inch across.
  • The plant can be lifted whole from the soil.
  • Do not delay harvesting as they tend to become pithy. 
Storing And Preserving
  • Radishes can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 weeks.

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