The Polish Hunting dog breed makes a successful hunting companion as well as a family pet. Explore this article to know about Polish Hunting dogs.

Polish Hunting Dogs

Breed: Scenthound
Height: Male: 22-23 inches, Female: 20-22 inches
Weight: 21.8-25.9 kg
Coat Type: Thick and harsh
Obedient, loving, affectionate are the adjectives that can be used to describe a Polish Hunting dog. Formerly known as Polish Scenthound, this breed originated in Poland where it was used as a protector, hunter and devoted faithful friend. Commonly known as Gonczy Polski, the Polish Hunting dog is alert, aware of its surroundings and makes an effective watchdog. Easy to train, it is capable of performing various impressive tricks and tasks. It is well-suited to working in the harsh terrain of the mountainous regions of Poland. The breed makes a wonderful hunting dog as well as family pet and companion. Read through the following lines to know more about the Polish Hunting dog breed.
The Polish Hunting dog is believed to have originated during the 13th century. Since hunting was a favorite sport during this period, this dog was used for hunting big and small games such as fox, deer and raccoon. This breed was a constant companion of the Polish hunters. The dog is believed to have descended from different Hound, Mastiff and Pointer breeds, though it hasn’t been proved scientifically. In 1950, Josef Pawuslewicz, a famous cynologist began the extensive development of the breed and due to his efforts, this breed was officially recognized by the Polish Cynological Association.
The Polish Hunting dog is a medium-sized with a well-constructed strong body. With a noble head proportionate to the body, this dog has a slightly convex muzzle that is of the same length as the skull. The color of the nose is same as that of the coat color which is brown, black or flesh colored. The oblique eyes are medium-sized with a kind expression. The eye color also depends from dog to dog. Black and tan coats have dark eyes while brown and red coats have lighter colored eyes. The breed has medium triangular hanging ears that are covered with smooth silky hair. The coat color can vary from black and tan to red, brown and tan.
The Polish Hunting dog is intelligent, stable, gentle and eager to please. It makes a wonderful companion for people with an active lifestyle. It can also accompany people on cycling, jogging, long walks or horse riding. Calm and quiet indoors, it adjusts well with family members and children. Since it is alert, wary of strangers and has a deep booming voice, it makes a great guard dog.
Genetic Diseases
Though the Polish Hunting dog is a healthy and hearty breed, it is known to suffer from a few healthy problems such as elbow dysplasia, likeliness to develop cancer, hypothyroidism, primary lens luxation - dislocation of the lens, cataracts, sensitivity to anesthesia and bloat.
Since the Polish Hunting dog is an average shedder, it does not require extensive care and maintenance. However, the coat should be brushed regularly to remove dead hair and maintain the good condition of the coat and skin. The dog should not be bathed too frequently to avoid the waterproofing of the coat. The ears should be cleaned after the dog has returned from hunting.

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