Polishing brass items like musical instruments, fittings, and antiques, can make a hole in your pocket. Read on to find out how to polish brass items at home.

How To Polish Brass

Brass items, be it fittings, showpieces, or antiques, add that elegant feel to every house that never fails to catch the eyes of guests and family members. This alloy of copper and zinc is used in making, decorative items due to its bright gold-like appearance, in making fittings like valves, bearings, doorknobs and so on, for the fact that it supports very less friction, and in making musical instruments for its acoustic properties. Compared to other metals like copper and silver, it is relatively resistant to tarnishing. In fact, polished brass instruments shine like a mirror. The polishing part is, however, the most taxing, as most people do not find time or the necessary materials to effectively clean and polish brass, to make them look like new. As for the time, nothing can be said about it. Cleaning expensive items needs care and thus, time too. One just has to take out time for such jobs, say on a Sunday morning, or while watching television. As for the materials needed, many departmental stores or even hardware stores have brass cleaning solutions. However, if that is not available, it’s not a reason to be disappointed. Even tomato ketchup could be used to clean and polish brass items. Read on to know how to clean and polish brass items.
Tips For Polishing Brass At Home
Materials Required
  • A can of any brass cleaning solution
  • Piece of soft cotton cloth
  • Ear buds
  • Steel wool
  • An old toothbrush 
How To Do It
  • To begin with, choose the smooth surfaces on the antique or fitting. Apply a thin coat of brass-cleaning solutions on this area.
  • Now, using a soft, clean piece of cotton, rub the solution into the metal and rub till you get the original colour of the brass object. It may do you good to remember, that the polish is very powerful, and even a small amount of it, will yield results, thus use it sparingly.
  • Wipe away the residue of polish from the surface; as otherwise, it could cause your brass item to turn blue.
  • Now, concentrate on the nooks and crannies, or any zigzag or other patterns on it. Using a small amount of solution on the ear buds, carefully and firmly wipe away between the crooks and corners; remember to wipe away the residue.
  • In case any greasy fingerprints accumulated on the surface, wipe them away using a soft tissue paper.
  • After the entire residue has been cleared, take the steel wool and rub gently on the surface. Make sure you do this extremely carefully, as you could damage it otherwise.
  • Be especially careful about musical instrument. When done careful, rubbing steel wool gives the metal the mirror-like shine. 
With Ketchup!
The reason why tomato ketchup can be used to clean and polish brass items is because of its acidic consistency. It may be effective but a lot of muscle strength, in the form of firm scrubbing, will be required. After rubbing away the black stuff that accumulates on top, wipe away the residue of ketchup with a damp cloth, and then use the steel wool again like before.

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