Your terrazzo floors can be your neighbors envy and your pride, but only if you undertake regularly cleaning of the same. Learn how to clean a terrazzo floor, with the helpful tips listed here.

How To Clean A Terrazzo Floor

Terrazzo floors make up a great style statement and can transform a simple home into an extravaganza. “Terrazzo” is an Italian word for terraces. The idea behind these floors was put in place by Venetian workers, who ingeniously found a new use for unused bits and pieces of marble, and changed them into sheer architectural delight. The left over marble chips gave way to a new style of flooring that was used extensively in building palaces and other important monuments. Today, terrazzo is preferred by many architects and designers as logical, sensible solutions for contemporary design and construction. The flooring has proven itself through history, as the practical choice for floor surfaces that require low maintenance and are resistant to heavy abuse, while still retaining their beauty throughout. Today, it enjoys an enviable reputation as attractive hard flooring that delivers an appealing combination of durability, easy maintenance, beauty and performance. Furthermore, terrazzo floors are very hygienic and do not harbor dust mites or mold. They also help keep homes cool. However, these floors will need some maintenance. To help your terrazzo floor remain beautiful, you need to keep it clean and stain free. The following tips, on how to clean a terrazzo floor, will help you achieve this.
Cleaning Terrazzo Floors
  • Alcohol stains can transform a terrazzo floor from your pride to your shame! You can use hot, soapy water to do away with alcohol stains on the flooring. If the stain is a stubborn one, consider wiping it with modified alcohol. If it refuses to go, use a sponge to wipe the stain with a cloth dipped in hydrogen peroxide and cover it with an ammonia-saturated cloth.
  • Bloodstains can look repulsive. You can use some cold, clean water to wash the mess away. In case of more stubborn stains, spray some lukewarm water on the stain and spray powdered malt on it. Allow it to stay for an hour and then rinse it off with water.
  • Ugly coffee stains can turn your floor into absolute mess! Try treating it with a solution of one part glycerin and three parts regular water. Dab the affected area with this solvent and leave it on for some time, before wiping it off with a clean scrub. You can also try applying a paste of calcium carbonate, or abrasive powder and hydrogen peroxide, mixed with hot water, to get rid of coffee stains.
  • Oil or grease stains, and even paint blots, look unwelcoming on your terrazzo floor. The best you can do to get rid of these stains is to rinse the surface with a soapy solution, or use any household de-greasing agent to reduce the impact.
  • If you have kids at home, be prepared to encounter ink stains on your floor every now and then. You can use a soapy solvent to clean up the stains. However, in the case of sterner stains, use cotton balls dipped in ammonia solution.
  • Often, soft drink spills can leave unattractive marks on your floor. You can deal with them by placing an absorbent cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide, followed by another layer of cloth saturated in ammonia. Let them sit on the floor for some time and then rinse off with water.
  • Pets and even tiny tots can spoil your floor by peeing on it. Get rid of urine stains by treating them with a paste of abrasive powder and hot water. For persistent stains, use a cloth saturated in hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

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