You have to take some safety measures when you wash a delicate cloth. Explore the article to get a few tips on washing delicate clothes.

Tips On Washing Delicate Clothes

You don’t have to think heavily about the water temperature and the detergent quality when you wash a denim jeans or an old shirt. But you have to take ultimate care when you wash your delicate clothes because you want to spoil their look, color or feel. A soft cloth shouldn’t be washed using washing machine because the strong whirl can damage the cloth even when you put it alone in the machine. It is good to wash the soft fabrics with the hand. The delicate clothes which have bright colors shouldn’t be washed in warm water. Warm water may damage their color and sometimes stitches too. Read on the article to know more tips on washing delicate clothes. 
How To Wash Delicate Clothes 
  • It is very important to read the label instruction before you do anything to your delicate clothes.  Some clothes may need dry cleaning while others need machine or manual cleaning. Label instructions even give you information about the degree of washing intensity for your clothes.
  • It is good to hand wash your delicate clothes than putting them into a washing machine. As sometimes, your clothes can be damaged by the spinning of the washing machine.
  • It is advisable to wash clothes of similar colors together. You can avoid washing light and dark color clothes together, especially in a washing machine. In washing machine, the clothes get whirled and there is a possibility for your light colored clothes getting damaged by the dark colored ones.
  • You can wash most of clothes in plain cold water. It will not do any damage to the color and other characteristic of clothes while hot water sometimes damages the color of your delicate clothes.
  • Choose the best detergent for your delicate clothes. Mild detergents are considered as the best detergents for the delicate clothes. You can also use the detergents, which are specially formulated for delicate clothing. In this type of detergents, they may have a color protection formula to keep the cloth’s color last long.
  • You should mix the water with the detergent before you put your clothes in the water. You should take care to not to rub the clothes hardly but gently squeeze them. Let the detergent water comes out of all the parts of your clothes. Soak it in clean water for almost five minutes and keep squeezing until they are absolutely rinsed.
  • After washing, you have to dry your delicate clothes. Using dryer or tumble drier is not a good option for drying delicate clothes. You can put them flat on the table. If you hang your delicate clothes, some of your clothes may lose their exact shapes because there will be a lot of weight they have to carry when they are wet. It is very hard to drain a lot of water from the clothes by squeezing them.

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