Carpathian shepherd dogs are a godsend for shepherds, who wish to protect their flock from predators. Read on to know more about this breed of sheep dog.

Carpathian Shepherd Dogs

Breed Type: Large sheep dog
Weight: 70 to 100 lbs
Height: 23 to 29 inches
Coat Type: Rough, straight and abundant fur
There are numerous varieties of large sheep dogs in the world today, among which the Carpathian shepherd dog is definitely the largest. The dog originates from Romania’s Carpathian Mountains and is usually used to guard the sheep that graze on the highlands of Romania. It is most especially used to guard sheep that graze in regions bordering dark forests, which are home to wolves. The solidly built Carpathian shepherd dogs can ward off wolves, lynxes and any other predator that can cause sheep harm and are loved by Romanian shepherds. In fact, there are records of these dogs fighting off even bears, to protect the flock. Read on to know more about the Carpathian shepherd dog breed.
The first written reference to Carpathian shepherd dog is found in the Veterinary Science Magazine, year XV, No. 2. Animal’s Life (Brehms Tierleben), written by Alfred Edmund Brehm (1829-1885), bears a mention of these dogs as well. The year 1998 saw the founding of the Carpathian Shepherd Dogs Club in Romania (subsequently renamed National Club of Carpathian Shepherd Dog Breeders, or CNCCRCRC) by fans of the dog breed. A conference of the factors involved in the Romanian breeds of Carpathian Shepherd Dogs took place in March 2003, and in 2005, on July 6, the General Committee of FCI provisionally accredited the dog breed.
The Carpathian Shepherd Dog is rather on the large side, and is quite agile. Its general appearance is that of a vigorous, though not heavy, dog. The croup of the dog is broad and slightly sloping, the body is rectangular, the shoulders are long and slope slightly and the chest is deep and large. The males are generally taller and stronger than the females. Their coats are generally wolf-grey or pale fawn in color, overlaid with black. The tones vary, being darker on upper parts and lighter on lateral regions of the body.
Carpathian shepherd dogs are passionately devoted to their work. These dogs are natural guardians, and are therefore courageous. They are unconditionally and instinctively, attached to their master and are calm, stable and dignified. These dogs can, at times, be overly shy or lethargic, and at other times, show aggressive traits. Carpathian shepherd dogs are not apartment dogs and thrive best outdoors. These days, there are many people who opt to keep these dogs as pets or to guard their home. In these cases, it is vital that the dogs have enough open space or yard, where they can safely run free, since they thrive on physical exercise.
Overall Health
There are no known genetic diseases in Carpathian shepherd dogs. They are also quite resistant to diseases and have the ability to thrive in different climatic changes. The coat of these dogs is such that they can easily handle different weather conditions. Their life expectancy is 12 to 14 years and they do not breed much.
Regular brushing helps keep the coat of a Carpathian shepherd dog healthy and removes any dead fur as well. Brushing or combing of the fur several times a week is especially necessary during the spring shedding period. During parts of the year, where there is no shedding, occasional brushing or combing of the fur will suffice. Excessive bathing of Carpathian shepherd dogs can cause the coat to become dry and cause discomfort.

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