Basque shepherd dogs were earlier used by people to keep a watch over cattle. Read on to know more about Basque shepherd dog breed.

Basque Shepherd Dogs

Breed Type: Working Dog
Basque Shepherd Dog
Weight: 17 to 30kg
Height: 47 to 63cm
Coat Type: Wavy coat, with long hair
Basque shepherd dog is one of the most popular breed of dogs, which have a set of unique features. Traditionally, the dog had been used for herding cattle. It is a very friendly dog and makes an excellent pet. Though soft by nature, Basque shepherd dog proves to be efficient in guarding the family against strangers. The dog has high energy level and is very enthusiastic in nature. This is the reason why it is a great favorite in a family, particularly amongst the small children. Go through the following lines to get detailed information on the history, personality, appearance, genetic disease and grooming of Basque shepherd dog breed.
Basque shepherd dog originated in the Basque region of Spain, as early as 17th century. Since then, this dog has been used for the purpose of driving, herding and guarding the cattle against predators, such as wolves. Because of this ability only, it got the name ‘Basque shepherd dog’. The canine is believed to have been depicted in prehistoric cave paintings and even the paintings and drawings from the middle ages. In the latter cases, it is shown to be working as a shepherd and herder. At present, the breed is used as a working and companion dog.
Basque shepherd dog is a well proportioned dog, with a strong rectangular body. It has a long and lush coat, with wavy hair. The hair is long all over the body, except on the head. Basque Shepherd dog has a graceful wavy tail, which it wags vigorously on the sight of its master. It is typically golden or rustic copper in color. The dog has attractive features, which makes it quite good looking. Though it is short in the head portion, it is long in the entire body portion.
Basque Shepherd dog is a highly alert and agile. It is a gentle and playful-type dog and gels well with small children. The canine makes an excellent house pet and companion, owing to its high energy level. It can even be trained conveniently. Basque Shepherd dog obeys all the commands of its master. The breed has a guardian instinct that makes it suspicious towards the strangers. However, once it is acquainted with them, it treats them in a very friendly manner.
Basque shepherd dog is one of the most suited family dogs in the world, which goes well with every family member, irrespective of age. It is a tireless worker and can play throughout the day. However, it needs enough space to roam around. Basque shepherd dogs always prefer to stay close to the family, owing to their herding instincts. They have a sense of territory, which is evident in their regular circling of their area. They do so to command its their over the area.
Genetic Disease
Though Basque shepherd dog is known as a healthy breed, it can suffer from some health diseases. The most common diseases found in the canine are hip dysplasia, congenital heart defects, cataracts, and risk towards developing cancer, bloat and chronic ear infection.
Since it has a wavy coat, Basque shepherd dog needs regular grooming. It dog can get fleas on its coat. Hence, proper maintenance is required to keep the dog in a healthy condition. Since it is a very active dog, it has to be given regular exercises.

Basque Shepherd Dog   
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