English Shepherd dogs are working dogs known for their versatility, loyalty and intelligence. Explore this article to know about the English Shepherd dog breed.

English Shepherd Dogs

Breed: Herding
Height: Dog: 19-24 inches, Bitch: 18-21 inches
Weight: Dog: 45-60 pounds, Bitch: 40-50 pounds
Coat Type: Glossy and straight or wavy
Intelligent, spirited and devoted are few of the many characteristics that well describe an English Shepherd dog. Also known as Old Farm Collie, Farm Collie and Farm Shepherd, this breed is a versatile working dog adapted to performing a variety of tasks. The breed is known for its wonderful companionship and makes a great working partner in homes. The dog was primarily used on small diversified farms for herding and protecting a number of livestock species like cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, goats and fowl. This strong protective nature of the dog makes the breed an ideal watchdog. Read through the following lines to know more about the English Shepherd dog breed.
Legends say that the English Shepherd dog was brought to the British Isles by Caesar when he invaded in 55 BC. The breed was a pure Roman sheep and cattle dog that was used to herd livestock. Eventually, the livestock got depleted and the breed was left alone, only to be used by local natives. They were even interbred with existing dogs having similar herding talents to intensify those instincts. The English Shepherd was then brought to the American colonies by the first settlers and, hence was further developed throughout the United States. Due to its valuable livestock herding and isolated homesteads protecting capabilities, the breed was a highly-prized variety. The English Shepherd was recognized and registered by the United Kennel Club in 1934.
English Shepherd is a well-balanced medium-sized dog breed. The head and neck of the dog is slightly raised. Ears are set close to the head, while the skull is wide with a very slight dome. It has a moderately broad muzzle with a scissor bite. The dog has black nose and brown eyes. It has a bushy tail that is carried in a downward sweep, with the tip of the bone reaching the hock. The dog has a medium length double coat. While the outer coat is moderately coarse, long, straight or slightly wavy, the under coat is dense, fine and soft. The dog is usually found in colors of sable and white, tricolor, black and white, and black and tan. Solid colors, brindles, red nosed tricolors, sables, chocolate and red are also found, though they are rare.
The English Shepherd is intelligent, energetic, calm, friendly and a highly trainable dog. Fearless, affectionate, loyal and devoted, this breed acts immediately when commanded and responds well to its master’s voice. The dog makes a great watchdog and guard dog. Since the canine was primarily a stock dog, it was traditionally used for hunting and as a family pet. The dog has, now, been considered as an athlete for competitive events, such as flyball and Frisbee. The dog goes well with children and other pets, if raised with them from puppy-hood. Though the breed is friendly, it can be reserved with strangers. Being a working farm dog, the breed is suitable for a country farm setting, though it can adjust to an apartment as well, if provided with sufficient activities. English Shepherd loves to accompany its masters on walks, jogs and cycling.
Genetic Diseases
English Shepherd dog is generally a healthy breed. However, hip dysplasia is not uncommon in this breed, though it is rare.
The English Shepherd dog should be brushed regularly and bathed only when absolutely necessary.

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