If you are expecting and are worried on how to get your pet and kid together, reading these tips on how to help pets and babies get along may prove useful. Read on for more on this.

Helping Pets And Babies To Get Along

Bringing up pet and babies together may not be an easy task, but it isn’t a tough bet either. Agreed that a constant tug of war for love and attention between your baby and pet may get the better of you and leave you zonked out, but a little care and thoughtful consideration can save you from all the trouble and help your baby and pet get along, all in a friendly way. Every year pets are surrendered to shelter houses, as families find it difficult to bring pets and kids along. Pets are usually fond of kids and helping them cope with the big change can actually ease your woes. While the new sight and smell may be quite disquieting for your pet in the beginning, a little planning can help you get your pet and kid along seamlessly. Here are some ways on how to help your pets and babies get along. To know more, read on.
How To Help Pets And Babies Get Along
  • Sometimes a new addition to your family can put your pet into a fix. The best way to break the ice is to introduce your little one to your pet. Be comfortable and encourage your pet to approach, sniff, hear and watch the baby, before it gets accustomed to the presence of the little one. Speak softly and offer positive reinforcement for good behavior.
  • Acquaint your pet to your baby by helping it identify the infant’s body smell. To acclimatize your pet to the sights and smells of your baby, patter baby oil or baby powder on your skin before bringing the baby in. You can also get your pet used to your baby by making it sniff baby clothes, blankets and other articles.
  • Never allow your pet to be alone with your baby in the same room, while you are away. Your baby might accidentally alarm your pet by unexpectedly snapping its tail or fur that might cause it to scratch or bite the little one in self defense. Always ensure that someone elderly is present in the room when your pet and baby are sharing a common space.
  • It’s likely for you to give your utmost time and attention to your baby when he/she arrives, making your pet friend feel a little left out at times. It’s important to draw a balance between your baby and pet to ensure a healthy camaraderie between the two. Allow your pet to be in the same room, when you are with your baby, to make it feel wanted and loved.
  • Pets are sensitive and need extra care and pampering to feel wanted and loved. While it’s easy for you to concentrate more on your little one, it’s never a good idea to ignore your pet friend. Reduced importance can cause your pet to feel stressed and sore. If possible, take out half-hour a day and indulge in some quality time with your pet.
  • With a baby around, at times there’s likely to be chaos or fuss in the house. In that case, ensure that your pet is safely put in its comfort zone, which can usually be the place where it sleeps. Never force your pet to get up, close and personal with your baby, before it is ready.
  • Pets, like cats and dogs tend to shed a lot. Also, they are prone to infections and skin disorders. It is important to take them to the vet and keep them groomed to ensure that both your pet and baby stay healthy and disease free.

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