Gold fish have fitted well into the modern day pet list. Read on to know why these gorgeous looking fish make lovely pets.

Why Choose Goldfish As Pets

“I think there's something great and generic about goldfish. They're everybody's first pet.” Small and cute, goldfish make wonderful pets. Human beings thrive on company and would love to befriend a pet to talk to, play with or at least to have a glimpse of it every day rather than staring at walls. A pet can proudly take away the dullness from your face making you happier and brighter. There is a strange unknown bond between the pet and its owner - the bond of unlimited love. They give you a better outlook towards life. It is truly heart-warming to find a dog or cat greeting you when you arrive from a hard day of work. But have you ever imagined a pet fish wriggling in the water to greet you! Pets and human beings are associated since time immemorial but as time passed by the type of pets also changed. Strange animals found their way into people’s homes. Guinea pigs, lizards and snakes to mention a few. Among the many other pets the goldfish too found a special place. Goldfish stand a class apart with their golden color and cute moves. Read on to know more.
Choosing Goldfish As Pets
Though it sounds strange it is true that every human being tries hard to get rid of boredom or solitude through pets. Given here are some reasons why you would love to keep a goldfish as your pet.
  • You will be surprised to know though they all look the same; every single goldfish has its very own independent characteristics. It not only recognizes its owner but tries to make the owner happy by acknowledging the owner. No wonder they rise to be hand fed by their owner as the owner comes near it.
  • It is that one pet that can be left at home and be sure of not causing any troubles to the owner. They are easy to handle and look after. They can live in places from smaller bowls to larger aquariums as they can adapt well to their surrounding whether it is wandering in the water like a loner or adjusting its space with a group of other fish. So fixing up a place for your pet fish is not a Herculean task.
  • Gold fish if taken care properly can live for up to 30 years. You can actually pass it down to your children as an heirloom! You don’t need to get vet-certified fish food for your goldfish for it to grow healthy. Feed it with the leftover vegetables and fruits in small quantities and you will have a happy healthy fish in your home.
  • You can keep your goldfish bowl anywhere as it is sure not to leave back its hair or fur wherever it has been. Unlike cats and dogs that are a complete no in kitchens you can keep a fish bowl even in your kitchen. Not only that a gold fish will be best choice for a pet if you are suffering from any sort of allergy.

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