Creating an illusion of spaciousness and making a small room look bigger is a challenge faced by almost all interior designers. Read the article to find tips on how to make a room look spacious.

How To Make A Room Look Spacious

How to make a room look spacious? This is the most common question often heard by most interior design professionals. Moving into a new dorm and running out of space to decorate it, is a matter of concern for number of people, especially those with many furnishing pieces. It requires a lot of creativity and forethought to come up with a room design that not only saves your space effectively, but also beautifies your small room. A few adjustments and imagination is all that is required to make your furniture work in relation to the room size and create an illusion of roominess. Read on further to know to find tips for making a small room look bigger without compromising on your home elements and décor.
Tips For Making A Small Room Look Bigger
Add Multipurpose Pieces
Add in furniture that will serve many functions to streamline a room. An ottoman with build-in storage will allow you to put away blankets and books and also make a compact footrest. This would mean placing less furniture, which would lead to making your room look spacious and bigger.
Use Light Hues
Though dark colors seem design-friendly, they make a room look smaller. Hence, opt for lighter shades, such as sky blues, light greens, lemon and creams to make a room look larger. Remember, the lighter the shade, the more spacious your room will appear.
Reflect Your Room
One of the best and least expensive ways to create an illusion of spaciousness is to use wall-to-wall mirrors. Adding a large and decorative wall mirror will open up the area and reflect light. While a small mirror will add warmth and depth to a small room, a large mirror on the long wall of a narrow room will make a room appear wider.
Space Things Out
Shove the furniture against the wall to create space in your small room. Sometimes, angling furniture makes a room look bigger and better. Allow your furniture to breathe by arranging your bed at an angle or placing your sofa in the living room, with a skinny console behind it.
Fold It Up
Downsize your dining table for making the most out of a combined living-dining area. You can either have a small dining table or one with removable parts that can be put away when not in use. Have a small corner cabinet to save additional space. Store all your small pieces and cutlery into it thereby, making the room appear less cluttered and more spacious.
Go Monochromatic
Paint the walls and detail them in different shades of one color, such as white, off-white and beige. You can also pair up a bright white with a white that’s tinted with yellow or blue, thereby utilizing the deeper hue on trim and detailing. This will expand your small space, brightening up your room and bringing in depth.
Pop Up Your Ceiling
A clean and white ceiling will open up your space. Using bright colors and adding fun fixture will however, draw your eyes upward thereby, creating an illusion of height in the room.
Get Perspective
Leave your windows uncovered and open them up to create depth. This will reveal the natural beauty of the landscape outside and reflect light and space into your small room, making it look larger.  
Color Code
It is important to properly structure your favorite things in a small room, which can otherwise look like clutter. Arrange knickknacks, books and vases by color to make everything appear more rationalized.

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