Choosing the right puppy can be difficult, as you want the best for your family. Read the article to find some useful tips on how to choose the perfect puppy.

Choosing The Right Puppy

A new addition to your family is truly exciting. And when it is a puppy, the happiness just doubles, since the little canine companion brings in a lot of joy into the household. Dogs are loyal and loving companions and are quite entertaining. But, with hundreds of breeds as options to pick from, choosing the best and perfect puppy for your family can definitely turn out to be an overwhelming task. Each dog breed has its own distinctive characteristics and uniqueness. There are different parameters that can help you narrow down to the one that you had long been waiting for, such as size, features, environment, your lifestyle, breed and so on. Read on to know how to choose the perfect puppy for your family.
How To Choose The Perfect Puppy For Your Family
The dog breeds are classified into different groups, namely, Hound, Working, Terrier, Gundogs, Utility, Toy and Pastoral. Consider the sporting dogs like Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever, if you wish to go hunting with your dog. These breeds are easy to train and are more suited for an active lifestyle. Dogs from the working group, such as Siberian Husky, Bullmastiff, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer or Akita are also preferred by many people. Toy dogs like Shih Tzu, Pug, Maltese and Pomeranian are quite popular these days, since they adapt well to an apartment life. You can consider Australian Shepherd, Shetland Sheepdog, Border Collie or German Shepherd from the herding group in case you have a farm and livestock.
Dogs are available in various sizes, right from tiny to humongous. Before purchasing a puppy, consider the space available with you to provide the dog and also whether or not the canine is able to adjust to the given condition. A dog breed like Newfoundland may not be able to adjust in a small house without a yard. However, large houses with plenty of space to run across will surely attract this breed.
Most dogs are famous for their looks, especially the newer breeds. Puppies that are wrinkled, have pushed in faces and are smaller in size than cats or bigger than ponies should be handled with extreme care. Though these puppies are cute to look at, they have more health problems as compared to dogs with average size and features. Very small and very large dogs have shorter life spans as compared to dogs with average size. Puppies with wrinkly folded skin often face skin problems, while puppies that have pushed in faces can develop nose/ breathing issues.
Purebred or Mixed Breed
Since purebreds are born from regal bloodlines, there is no guarantee that they will or will not have any health problems. Certain breeds are likely to have specific health problems like issues related to the eyes, hips, lungs and heart. This is why most people prefer to choose mixed breeds, since chances of having health issues is much smaller in them. Mixed breed puppies are cheaper and easier to find than a purebred pup. However, the royalty and regal charm of a purebred is hard to resist.
Before narrowing down to a particular breed of dog, learn about the kind of grooming that the puppy will require and also consider the type of area that you live in. For example, a long coated dog living in a house in the woods may end up with many burrs, making it difficult for you to groom the pup. Also, long-coated dogs may not be suited for hot climates, unless you are willing to shave or clip the coat on a fortnightly basis.
While choosing a puppy from the litter, ensure that the pup should be confident with you as well as other puppies. However, avoid going for a puppy that exhibits extreme dominance over others. The puppy should be comfortable with you asserting your position over him.
Interest in People
Always choose a puppy that would follow you and not one that will leave you and stay back alone. Avoid those puppies that sit in the corner and look scared. Such puppies often grow up having issues with biting and other inappropriate behaviors. Get one that is playful and lively, after all the canine would serve as a companion for your family.

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