Training a Chihuahua puppy may seem to be a tedious task. Explore the tips given in the article and learn how to train a Chihuahua puppy.

Chihuahua Puppy Training Tips

Chihuahua puppies are well known for their highly protective and fearless nature. The sweet little puppy makes the perfect companion for the house owners. However, the animal can show indifference to the strangers and other members of the family, if you don't give proper care and training. Moreover, the puppy can also show offensive behavior and start disobeying you. With the training tips given in the article, you will learn how to train your Chihuahua puppy and develop a cordial companionship with him.
How To Train A Chihuahua Puppy 
  • It is vital to get the love and attention of your Chihuahua puppy and maintain a comfort level with him. Training will become easier for you, once you are very comfortable with your dog.
  • Introduce the puppy to other members of your family, friends and even other pets as soon as you adopt him. By socializing on a regular basis, he will develop less fear and non-aggressiveness towards others. Moreover, he will get accustomed to new people and situations easily.
  • Your puppy will be a pleasant and valuable companion, if he is trained to socialize properly. The best way to make your pet socialize with others is to invite your friends to meet him. Carry your puppy to crowded places, such as get-togethers. Take him for a short drive frequently.
  • Every time your puppy obeys your directions to 'sit' 'stand' and 'fetch', reward and praise him with treats. This is a gentle way to motivate him to repeat the positive behavior.
  • In case your puppy shows an offensive behavior, do not slap, hit or kick him. Instead, deal with the situation in a wise manner. You may raise your voice or stare at him with anger. However, it is not suggested to abuse him physically.
  • Your puppy may often show painful and destructive behavior, like biting or chewing on body parts and clothes. It should be stopped immediately. To stop this behavior, you may use a pained expression in your voice. Be sure not to show anger or shout at the puppy.
  • Train your puppy to live within the confined space of your home, especially when you do not have a huge backyard.
  • Choose the defecating area for your puppy and always take him to the same place, for waste elimination. If you follow this, your pet will recognize the place and time for defecation quickly.
  • In case your puppy is too young to know when he wants to excrete, it is suggested to take him outdoors at regular intervals, say three or four times in a day.
  • Adhere to fixed meal times for your puppy. Give him food just before you eat. This will prevent the puppy from 'begging' for more, when the family is dining.

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