Affectionate, playful, alert & curious - these traits aptly describe a French bulldog puppy. However, grooming him right is very important. Learn tips on how to groom your French bulldog puppies.

How To Groom Your French Bull Dog Puppy

A bulldog is available in several varieties, like American Bulldog, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, Valley Bulldog, and so on. Out of all these, French bulldogs (also known as “Frenchie”) are very popular, because of their cute looks and friendly behavior. They have big, rigid, round bat ears; a flat muzzle; and a pug nose, making them look bewitching. French bull dogs are quite famous among children as well, since they are playful, loving, inquisitive and vigilant. These dogs love being in someone’s company and get strongly bonded to their owner. However, they need proper care on the part of their owner as well. It is essential to develop a proper grooming schedule for your French bulldog puppy, to keep him as well as your family away from any health problems. Regular cleaning and grooming of the puppy will keep your house free of bad odor and your dog of skin allergies. This article provides useful tips on how to groom your French bulldog puppy.
Grooming Tips For French Bulldog Puppies
  • Fur is the main area that needs to be groomed, in your Frenchie. Regular trimming, brushing and combing of the fur is very essential to keep its beauty intact. Longhaired puppies might require daily brushing and trimming at areas that may be matted. Curly haired puppies also require daily combing to avoid any knots.
  • The dental care of your French bulldog puppy is quiet essential. Start cleaning his teeth from a very early age. If the dental care of the pup is poor, it will lead to early health problems. Tooth decay in your Frenchie can also lead to serious kidney and liver problems. Brush your bulldog’s teeth as often as possible and take him to a vet once in a year, for thorough cleaning.
  • Taking care of your Frenchie’s paw is important as well. Proper trimming of the nails and cleaning of dust or debris that can get lodged in between the toes is very essential, to keep your puppy healthy. Regular nail trimming will make the movement of your puppy comfortable. It will also prevent the nails from growing inwards, which can be painful for your puppy.
  • Cleaning your French bulldog’s eyes should be done every couple of days. Take a moist cotton swab and gently wipe the outer areas of his eyes, to remove any discharge. There are few products available in the market that can help you remove any discoloration of the fur around the eyes.
  • The ears of a French bulldog puppy should always be of pale pink color and free of any foul odor. It is an easy task to clean your puppy’s ear. Take a cotton swab or a pad with a little warm water and gently clean the inner areas of the ear. Keep in mind not to go deep into the ear canal, while cleaning. Cleaning of the ear should also be done on a regular basis, to avoid any kind of infection.
  • Bathing your Frenchie is the best way to get rid of the bad odor carried by him. Most of the dogs will need to be bathed once in every two weeks. The exception will be the curly or the wooly breeds, as they require a bath only once in two months. Always remember to use a special dog shampoo to give your pup a bath. These shampoos are designed to remove dirt and odor without removing the essential oils from under your puppy’s fur.

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