French Spaniel is a true versatile or multipurpose hunting dog. Read on to learn more about the French Spaniel Dog breed.

French Spaniel Dog

Breed: Hunting
Height: 21 to 24 inches (53 to 61 cm)
Weight: 45 to 60 pounds (20 to 27 kg)
Coat Type: Medium, dense
The French spaniel is a Spaniel type breed of dog which was developed in France as a multipurpose gundog also capable of pointing and retrieving. The breed is recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale under Group 7, Section 1, Continental Pointing Dogs, 1.2 Spaniel type. French Spaniels are rare outside their country of origin. These dogs are quick learners but require lots of love and gentle handling. They are calm, loving, hunting companions and can become an excellent house dog. French Spaniel is a versatile breed of dog and love to get trained in a gentle and consistent manner. The article provides you with detailed information on the French Spaniel breed of dog.
French Spaniel is the distant descendant of the longhaired Chien d'Oysel and is also said to be related to the German Small Munsterlander and Dutch Partridge Dog. French Spaniels were earlier used as game bird hunter in the 1600s. They started getting extinct due to the competition they faced with the English breeds. Luckily the breed was revived by Father Fournier. In the year 1891 the first standard was written by J. de Connick which described the breed as a large and a more powerful breed than the Brittany Spaniel. The breed is still counted under rare breeds, even in France—its place of origin.
French Spaniels have head of an average size, with a skull of 1 ½ to 2 inch bigger than the forehead. They have a pronounced brow bone and a slopping stop. Slightly domed nose-bridge and their upper lip not covering their lower lip are other characteristics of French Spaniel’s appearance. They have a brown nose with wide nostrils. The eyes are large, oval and dark amber in color with an intelligent and gentle expression. They have a muscular neck, which is signally arched, oval shaped and of medium length. They have a sloping back with strong, muscular and large thighs, which are well rounded without any apparent bone structure. Their chest is bursting with large capacity, high and with good depth. The tail is full length, set low, tapering and not docked. They come with dense, close and water resistant coat. The coat color is white with irregular liver markings.
French Spaniel is a calm, even-tempered and intelligent dog breed who loves to be around their owners. They are gentle with children and can make a great pet. They are rustic looking, tall and quite powerfully built. They can be trained easily as they are quick learners, but the training should be gentle, firm and consistent. They require loads of exercise and company of humans for them to stay in good mood. French Spaniels are known for their hunting skills, and therefore they work very well on rugged terrains and in water like a flusher. They are also considered to be one of the best retrievers. They are a breed of enthusiastic hunting dogs which is persistent, hard working and courageous. They require an owner who is even-tempered but firm and consistent with the rules set upon the dogs.
Genetic Disease
It is important for you to be selective while opting for a French Spaniel as a pet. Pick up a puppy only from a well reputed breeder. Make sure to ask about the health conditions of the puppy’s parents and that they didn’t have any health issues.
French Spaniels require regular brushing twice in a week to keep their medium sized flat coat in good condition. They need to be given bath and dry shampooed only when required. French Spaniels are low maintenance dogs, but their ears should be constantly checked, especially when they come back from a rough or brushy terrain.

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