German Spaniel is one of the strongest breed of dogs. This article will provide you with detailed information on the German Spaniel dogs. Read on to know more about the breed.

German Spaniel Dogs

Breed: Gun Dog
Height: 18-22 inches
Weight: 44-66 pounds
Coat Type: Solid dark brown, with white spots on the chest and toe
Known as Deutscher Wachtelhund in Germany, German Spaniel was developed in 1890s, by mating several breeds, especially the breed called the Stöber. German Spaniel is a strong boned, muscular, medium-sized gun dog with long thick wavy hair. The dog is a good retriever because of its solid structure. Basically around 18 to 22 inches tall, these dogs have a body length (from nose to tail) that is twice the measurement of the height. Exceptionally versatile gun dogs, the canines belonging to this breed are used to hunt upland game and can meet the retrieving ability of any other breed of dogs. These dogs excel in trapping and hunting blood trailing large game. They are friendly in nature, intelligent and are aggressive hunters.
German Spaniel dogs were formerly known as Deutscher Wachtelhund, meaning ‘quail dog’. The dog was developed around 1890 in Germany, by breeder F. Roberth. Many breeds were used to give birth to a German Spaniel, especially an old German breed called Stöber and various other longhaired water dogs. However, the breed of dog is not well known outside its native land.
The German Spaniel is a strong boned, muscular gun dog with chiseled head. It has a flat skull, with a long solid neck without dewlap. The canine has a very solid short and flat back and a deep, broad chest. Talking about color, German Spaniels have a solid dark brown skin with spots on the chest and toes. They also come in shades of fox red color, or in roan brown color with a roan background and a brown head and a brown mantle, covering the entire body. Their tail is set high dropping down straight, which they wag energetically while playing. As for the facial features, the dogs have a medium-sized almond shaped, slanting dark brown eyes and a large brown nose. They have a flat ear, which is placed right behind their eyes. German Spaniel comes with a long, tough, dense and wavy hair which is slightly curly or flat. They weigh around 20 kg and belong to the group of water dogs, retrievers and flushing dogs.
German Spaniels belong to the category of tough and courageous dogs. They have the ability to work on all kinds of terrain, mainly woods and swampland. They are active trackers and flushers, who use their voice on the trail. Apart from this, they are a good retriever as well as bloodhounds, who can hunt wounded preys easily. Firm training can make German Spaniels good pet because of the affectionate nature towards the master.
Genetic Disease
The most common problem in this particular breed of dog is their crooked legs and splayed feet. Few dogs in this breed also suffer with skin conditions or allergies.
German Spaniels require frequent brushing to maintain their coat in good condition. The hair between their toes needs to be trimmed regularly, especially during winter conditions. Ears should always be kept clean to protect them from infections. Dogs with low hung ears are more prone to ear infections, and therefore require more attention. The eyes of a German Spaniel should be inspected and washed properly after every hunt to remove any debris.

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