To lead an active and healthy life, the dog requires high energy levels. Read the article below to know how to boost dog’s energy levels.

How To Boost Dog’s Energy Levels

One of the most enjoyable moments in keeping pet dogs is to see them run and frolic throughout the house. The joy of being welcomed by a dog as it runs towards you with joyous barking when you come home is incomparable. A dog that is active and constantly on its guard, is the image that almost all dog owners would like to paint for their dogs. However, sometimes, as in humans, dogs are also susceptible to mood swings and lethargy due to the dip in their energy levels. You can see it when even if you play their favorite games, they simply prefer to lie down, not even bothering to open their eyes. Such things are not uncommon and you face a dilemma that even after you have provided the best diet, your dog is lethargic. An inactive dog can give rise to various health issues and so it is utmost necessary that you address this condition and rev up your pet once again. To help you in this, read the article given below for tips on boosting the energy levels of a dog.
Boosting Energy Levels Of A Dog 
  • Diet is the most important contributor of energy. So, a proper diet is extremely necessary to boost the energy levels of the dog. This means that you cannot solely depend on commercial pet foods, as they do not contain the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals. Feed the pet plenty of raw and unprocessed foods, as they are free of natural additives and rich in all the nutritional requirements of the dog.
  • Another important thing that can boost the energy levels of the dog is a healthy dose of exercise. As long as the pet is active, it will have a better overall health. Take your pet for a walk daily through your neighborhood. Make it jump over minor obstacles like benches.
  • Another good way to exercise is to play games with the dog. The most effective one is to play fetch. Throw a soft rubber ball and encourage it to bring it for you. You can also play tug-of-war and also take it for swimming. Playing also stimulates the brain and so the dog will also have a good mental health. As in humans, regular workouts will keep the dog high in energy.
  • Keep household chemicals like pesticides and other toxins away from the dog, as these will damage the health of the dog.
  • In addition, dogs will be lethargic when they have intestinal parasites like tapeworms. So, to boost up their energy take to a checkup with the vet to get rid of these worms.
  • Add daily supplements to your dog’s diet. The best is to go for an all-natural daily supplement that is a special blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and other ingredients. In this way, you can ensure that the pet receives all the nutrients, which will help in maintaining a high energy level.
  • In the wild, animals chew on medicinal plants to cleanse the body. However, in pets without any such measures, toxins buildup in the body, which lead to a decrease in the energy level by weakening the immune system. So, they must be provided medicinal supplements.
  • Apply some natural remedies that can boost the energy levels of the dog. This includes ingredients like mistletoe, echinacea, huang qi and Indian ginseng that strengthen the immune system and improve the vigor and vitality.
  • Indian ginseng is a tonic herb that supports growth and health. Adding this to the daily diet will give a boost to the energy levels of the dog.

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