Whining is a major problem for dog owners. Read the article below to know how to stop your dog from whining.

How To Stop Your Dog From Whining

Dog owners are at a loss to explain why their well loved and well fed pets whine. Not only it is irritating, but it is also a cause for concern as many people feel that dog whine when they are not well. This is only partly true as dogs sometimes whine for no reason at all. In this respect, they are not too different from crying infants, as it is a way to seek attention. Whining in dogs is a way of communication to signify that they need something. In the wild, the whining signals the mother to feed the pups. Since they stay in a pack this can be described as their sole function. However, in pet dogs, which are well fed and well cared, whining is a way to get attention. Since, more often, dogs are a kept alone, they miss the sociability of the pack. It is the owner who becomes the member of the pack and they whine so that the owner comes near them. No wonder, whining is one of the greatest and most common problems that are faced by dog owners. Tackling the whining behavior is very necessary and it should be started as early as possible. In the article given below, are various tips on stopping your dog from whining.
Stopping Your Dog From Whining 
  • Get the dog focused on a productive and positive behavior by giving several commands in a row like sit, come, stay, down etc. For completing the actions, reward the dog and spend some time with the pet after it is quiet.
  • Some dog whine only in certain situations, so try to identify those situations and find out what is bothering it. Address those situations to stop it from whining.
  • Spend extra time with the dog when it is quiet. This reinforces the good behavior.
  • If the dog whines for no apparent reason, or starts whining when eating, going to the bathroom or when moving, immediately have a vet check the dog. Whining can also be a sign of pain.
  • If you pay attention to your dog if it whines every time, then you can never stop the dog from whining, as it will get the feeling that whining is the only way to attract your attention. This is especially true in case of puppies as they always crave attention. That is why, puppies are more likely to whine in the middle of the night. However, if you had forgotten to feed your dog or to take it out for a walk then you should address the whining, otherwise it is better to neglect it.  
  • Provide a dry, warm, safe, and comfortable area for your dog.
  • Some areas may make the dog unsettled causing it to whine. Identify such places where the dog is more likely to whine and then try feeding it in that area only so that it creates a positive association in the dog. Make sure that the dog always has access to clean water and is always well fed.
  • If necessary, take your dog out to the toilet every few hours.
  • Provide the dog with tasty dog chew toys and in some situations, it is very successful in reducing the whining.
  • If your puppy whines at night, then it is better not to leave it alone. Bring its bedding into your room so that it can see and smell you. This is because puppies consider you a part of the ‘pack’ and so it will reassure them. Over a period of time you can move the bedding out of the room.
  • Another way to control whining is to take measures to burn off the dog’s energy. This is a good way to prevent many destructive behaviors. The best way to do this is to tire the dog with some rigorous walks, games, or through obedience training.
  • Placing a ticking clock under the bedding is also said to calm the dog and prevent it from whining, as the dog tends to think that the ticking is the heartbeat of another dog.

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