Are you planning to make a perfect kennel for your pet? Here are some kennel plans that will ensure you provide your pet with their own private den.

How To Make A Dog Kennel

A man’s best friend they say is a dog. Not many will disagree with this statement. Dogs are sensitive and the more you love them the more they love you back. Kids love to have pets and sometimes they do those unusual things to get their own desires fulfilled. You are having a peaceful day when you feel there is more calm than normal. Obviously, you don’t imagine a stray dog in the spare bedroom with the door closed quietly. And just when you are about to relax, you open the door you see the little thing using your closet as its own personal bathroom, and then you hit the roof. If you agree to your kid’s wishes and your own, you would surely want the mangy little pup to be outside. That would bring you to decide on to build a doghouse for it. That is one way of showing love towards your pet and of course to keep it from using your bedroom as its own. Well when you choose to build a kennel, ensure that you get something that will suit your pet and is of good quality and size. It will give you a great feeling of satisfaction and will be easy on your pocket too. Scroll down the article to know how to make a dog kennel.
How To Build A Dog Kennel
Things Required
  • Timber
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Saw 
How To Make 
  • When you decide to build a doghouse, you will require a plan and designs. You can buy a doghouse kit, that you can assemble yourself or you can make one yourself by using raw materials
  • When building doghouse, planning location is very important. Select a location keeping in mind the weather conditions that will be faced by the dog like the sun, rain, and wind.
  • The size of the house has to be taken into consideration. It should not be too huge or small.
  • There are three basic plans of house with the difference being in the roof construction. The flat roof, which is simple, the pitched roof, which is the classic doghouse, and finally the barn style, which gives it a smart look.  
  • When making any plans, have good illustrations and drawings that are easy to follow. You can also download the plan online available from various sites and use it to build doghouse.
  • Keep the list of tools ready that you will require for construction like the hammer, drill and saw.
  • The top material to use for construction is timber. Wood is easy to use and gives warm and comfortable environment to your pet.
  • Get your timber prepared before you get it cut to the size required, from a local carpenter.
  • Once your material is ready, most basic designs do not take more than a day. All you need to do is to assemble the doghouse as given in the plan. Make sure that you follow the plan to the T and build a sturdy house.
  • When you make a design for a kennel make sure it is off the ground. That way, the pet will not come in contact with the dampness of soil, and wood will also have a long life.
  • After the completion of your doghouse, it can be painted or stained. Sealing the inside of the house will ensure a safe and clean environment for your pet. Make sure, you use pet safe colors to paint the doghouse.
  • Provide a sheltered area that you can cover with carpet, an old blanket, or straw to keep it warm if conditions are cold outside.

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