Stop treating your guest room like a store! Get involved in its decoration and make it comfortable place for your guests. For help, explore ideas on how to decorate guest room.

How To Decorate Your Guest Room

The guest room is often, the most neglected of all the rooms in a house. This is simply because of the reason that the room is occasionally used. However, come the holiday season and your phone starts ringing with the calls of expected guests. And then you know it’s the time to decorate your guest room. Decorating and maintaining guest room is also essential for those unexpected visitors, who come gate crashing on any occasion. A well-set guest room is an important part of hospitality and plays a key role in making your guests feel comfortable and well pampered. So, why not create a cute, comfortable, and cozy zone, which you will be proud to show off time and again, to your guests. Decorating the room doesn’t mean breaking the bank. With a little creativity and small investment, you can easily make it resemble a luxury hotel room. A well-decorated guest room will definitely make your guests enjoy their stay at your home! So, if you are wondering how to decorate or redecorate your guest room, here are some ideas to help you!
Guest Room Decoration Ideas
  • Your first step should be to choose a theme for your guest room. Select a theme that is personal to you and start from there. If you like old movies, make it as the theme of your room. Start with hanging popular old movie posters! If someday you plan to go Hawaii, Hawaiian décor can also be your theme!
  • Decide on a color to paint the ceiling and walls of your guest room. The color you choose should complement the theme and décor you have selected for the room. Blue will a good choice for Hawaiian theme. Similarly, white or rosy pink is a good choice for a Victorian room.
  • A good, comfortable sleeping place is an important part of a comfortable guest room. So, opt for large and comfortable bed, which fits into your budget. It wouldn’t be a good idea to put old and saggy mattress in your guest room. If your budget can’t afford old new mattresses, air mattresses can be your choice.
  • After clean bedding, it’s time to think about adding colorful bed linens and comfort items, like pillows and blankets. Offer your guests fluffy towels, cozy bathrobe, and slippers to make it just perfect. It will be thoughtful to have an extra set of bed and bath linen for your guest room!
  • Pay attention to the lighting in your guest bedroom. Ensure that there is adequate light for reading, knitting, sewing, watching TV etc. Arrange bulbs or lights in such a way that there is even distribution of lights in the room. Place a table lamp or night lamp on a bedside table . A small nightlight in the room will be a great idea! It will help your guest to find his/ her way around unfamiliar surroundings, at night.
  • It’s essential to provide your guest with luggage rack or bench, where he/she can open a suitcase and unpack.
  • Don’t stuff your guestroom closets with your off season clothes. They should offer enough space to your guests. Don’t forget to supply closet with plenty of hangers. Keeping an ironing board and iron in the closet will make your guests feel very comfortable!
  • A few hours before the guests arrive; decorate the room with fresh flowers in a pretty vase. A bowl filled with wrapped chocolates will add a nice touch to the room.
  • Stuff the room with some basic things like alarm clock, radio, and television! Provide paper, pencil, pen, tissues, and a hair dryer to your guests. Adding a phone in the room will be much appreciated!

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