Your dog’s losing appetite might become a matter of concern, especially when he is still growing. However, treating it is not too difficult. Read on to learn how to heal lack of appetite in dogs.

How To Heal Dog’s Loss Of Appetite

Are you tired of disposing off the wasted dog food? Have you become weary of scolding your dog for not having his meal properly? Here, it will do you good to know that this might be a serious problem for your pet. He is suffering from a loss of appetite, which can even be the first indication of a serious medical issue. Lack of appetiteis a common problem faced by dog owners. There might be several reasons behind this problem, some minor and some serious. It is quite natural on your part to panic when your dog, whom you treat like one of your family member, stops not eating properly. However, taking a few remedial measures can help you get rid of this problem soon. Here are a few tips on how to heal your dog’s loss of appetite and give him a healthy immune system, so that he stays away from any kind of illness.
Treating Lack Of Appetite In Dogs
  • Change your dogs’ diet temporarily. There is no harm in changing the formula once in a while. If they eat the new food with zest, it means they are healthy and satisfied with the change. You can always come back to the old diet after a while.
  • The best way to fight back your dogs’ loss of appetite and vitality is by providing them a proper diet, plenty of water, lots of exercise and a natural supplement (added to their daily routine).
  • Providing your dog with natural supplements is very essential to make sure that the loss of appetite does not become a threat. Dogs need a range of essential nutrients to keep their body optimally functioning, which might be lacking in the standard, packaged diet.
  • Dogs love food that has a strong smell and is warm (warm food gives out more aroma). So, make sure to serve your pet canine with warm and fragrant food.
  • Add some flavor to your dog’s food. Garlic is a simple way to add flavor to pet food. However, the intake of garlic must be limited, as it can create a specific kind of anemia. Dogs over 15 pounds can have ¼ tsp per day, while those less than 15 pounds should only get 1/8 tsp in a day.
  • You need to provide your dogs with a balanced diet, to prevent a loss of appetite in them. Many packaged foods are made up of artificial ingredients and additives and lack proper nutrients. Your dog’s food should be free of toxins and include raw, unprocessed food.
  • Provide a comfortable zone to your dogs, during their eating time. Some pets are sensitive to the commotion around them, with visitors and loud noise creating stress in them. So, keep their food in a quiet place, where they can feel safe and regain their calm.
  • Treat your dog’s loss of appetite with aromatherapy. Rose and vetiver oils are excellent for stimulating appetite. Put a few drops on a bandana and tie it around your pet’s neck, until his appetite returns. Do not get the oil close to the skin, as it is highly concentrated and can cause irritation.
  • Use a unique blend of ingredients like Mistletoe, Echinacea, Huang qi and Indian ginseng. Natural supplements will give your dog the help it needs to improve overall health, promote proper immune system and maintain vitality as well as a good appetite.

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