A retro swivel chair in your home adds the much needed classic touch to a home. Here’s how to choose a swivel chair that suits your style.

How To Choose A Retro Swivel Chair

Perhaps the most enduring and stylish icon of modern or mid twentieth century home décor is a retro swivel chair. It was invented during the mid eighteenth century by Thomas Jefferson but was used mainly as a part of office or workplace décor until the 1950s when it slowly began to invade the space at home too. The mid century modern design aesthetic of convenience, comfort, and streamlined efficiency, made the swivel style, a natural statement, and retro decorating featured it for everything from lounging to dining. Unlike many retro fashions, that keep making a comeback every now and then, the retro swivel chair has always been in fashion, not only in office but also in homes. Here are some styles of retro swivel chairs that you could choose from.
Tips For Choosing Retro Swivel Chair 
Here are some styles of retro swivel chairs that you could choose from:
The Egg Chair 
This type of chair was designed by acclaimed modern furniture creator and designer from Denmark, Arne Jacobson, during the late 1950s and is regarded as one style statement that has never lost out on popularity. Most designs of swivel chairs that were made under this category are known for their sparse, no-nonsense, utilitarian designs and also for new and innovative ways in which different materials were used. What it was known for more than anything else, was the juxtaposing of solid and sparkling steel swivel base with soft smooth upholstery in bright primary colours; this swivel chair, made on a curving steel framework, gently surrounds the user, much like hugging him or her.
Eames Lounge Chair 
This true classic lounge chair was designed by modern furniture designer duo Charles and Ray Eames. Though loved by consumers from different cultural backgrounds, it is also an acclaimed model that had got recognition from prestigious organizations like New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Design Institute of Chicago. Ever since its introduction into the world of furniture in the 1950s, everything about the chair has been considered revolutionary – be it the sleek modern shape or even its molded wood construction. Although it was an example of cutting edge of modern design, the Eames swivel lounge chair was developed with comfort and utility in mind. Charles Eames was quoted to have said that he wanted the chair to be "a special refuge from the strains of modern living". The shell of this classic style is made of molded wood, and is given the precise finishing to reveal its natural grain and texture. To add to this, it is cushioned with very supple leather, to give it the perfect sophisticated look and finish. The design of the Eames Lounge Chair is absolutely timeless, fitting in perfectly with today's decor.
The Ball Chair 
The Ball Chair or Globe Chair is another example of retro modern furniture designs. This type of swivel chair was created in 1966 by Eero Aarnio; the Ball Chair embraces the body-hugging design of the Eames and Egg chairs and takes them a step further. The hollow-ball shell of the chair, which is firmly fixed on a swivel pedestal, completely swathes the user. The design gave a radical twist to the concept of what furniture can stands for and is capable of, by using a chair to create a private "space within a space".

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