Setting up a bar in your basement gives a space to have fun with your friends. Explore the article to know a few common basement bar designs.

Common Basement Bar Designs

A basement bar is a place where people chat with friends, swing in laughter, and celebrate the memories of the good times. The basic concept of a basement bar is pinned around these factors and you need a pleasant atmosphere in your basement bar. Of course, it is not a hard task to set up a bar in your basement if you have a vision about basement bars. You may have clear ideas about the lighting, chairs, interiors, about the basement bar. If given attention, the basement bar can become one of your favorite spaces in your home. Basements bar usually make great entertainment and recreational spaces. It is better to select a design, which suits your basement than just going for a popular design. With a little bit of effort and proper planning you can design a classy and chic basement bar. Read on to know more about common basement bar designs.
Bar Designs For Basements 

Straight-Bar Design
Straight bar design can be called as the most simple design pattern for a bar. It is somewhat similar to the front desk in the hotel lobbies. The factors, which make it different from that of front desk of hotel, are its features and functionality. It has a space for the sink on top, a footrest on the stool side, an arm rail, and a space for the cooler or refrigerator and a gutter area where you mix the drinks just like a typical bar. The width of the straight bar design can vary from six to ten feet. You have to check the measurements properly before designing this pattern for your bar. 

L-Shaped Bar
You can make out how this design would look like by the name itself. Yes, this is a basement bar design, which is shaped like the letter ‘L’. People can have a good conversation sitting in this bar because seats are arranged closer in this bar design. The measurement varies according to the basement size but usually lengths are symmetrical. 

Kegger Bar
This is a popular bar design. It is designed like two L- shaped bars joint with the straight type in the middle. This basement bar can accommodate a perfect space for the refrigerator and beer keg. If one gets to see this bar design from top, it usually looks like one third of a square is cut and used. 

The Monster Bar 
This is a huge bar design, which can accommodate plenty of seats, a big space for the drinking area, fitted with a beer gutter, and a keg and all other fundamental bar features. This bar shape is a much bigger combo of L shaped and Kegger bar, and that’s why the name monster. Monster bars may also have ‘U’ letter shape. 

A Portable Bar Design
If you want to move bar elsewhere in your home, this design can be the best option. They are usually huge and sturdy, so weight can be a major concern. One major specialty of a portable bar is that it can be disassembled. This is one of the latest innovations in basement bar design industry.

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