As far as looks and aesthetics go, a wooden fence beats a boring old concrete wall any day. Browse through this article for information on popular wooden fence designs.

Wooden Fence Designs

Why build a wall ridden with monotony around your house when you can build a fence that can look so much better and serve almost a similar purpose. It’s a pity that concrete walls have almost completely managed to replace fences, thankfully however the replacement is not yet complete. This is mostly because a few wise souls are still aware of the aesthetic benefits that a fence can bring along with it. In fact, you can try as hard as you want to, but it still may be slightly impossible to find a wall that even comes close to looking as good as a wooden fence. Sometimes people shun fences because they falsely believe that fences don’t offer enough security. However, in reality this is hardly the case. Read on to gain access to an educational insight into the world of five of the most popular fence designs. Remember, if you still haven’t discovered the charm of a fence yet, the time to get acquainted with the same is now.

Popular Wooden Fence Designs 

Split Rails
Split rail wooden fences arguably make for the most common wooden fence designs and can mostly be seen in the country side. This style of fencing a property is old-school, rustic and extremely simple. Here, the wooden split rail in the fence will comprise two or three slats that run right through the centre of the wooden posts that will be placed at a distance of a few feet from each other. If you’re still not sure about how a split rail wooden fence looks, just play a Hollywood movie that focuses on cowboys, gangsters and the Wild West. You’re highly likely to get a glimpse of the split rail wooden fence in the movie. Split rails however need not be limited only to the countryside; they can also add a very rustic and likeable feel to an urban setting.  

Corral Fence
The corral fence design draws its inspiration from the design of the split rail. However, what the split rail wooden fence design lacks in finish, class and sophistication, the corral fence well makes up for. In other words, the corral fence has a finished look that is more obvious in its design than it is in the design of split rail wooden fences. The corral fence design will have two to four slats that are fastened onto brackets that are extremely prominent on each wooden post of the fence. Unlike the split rail wooden fence design, the corral fence is extremely capable of keeping children and pets well within the limits of your property and also keeping out ‘unwanted elements’.

Picket Fence
If the corral fence was developed after making improvements to the design of the split rail, the picket fence was developed after making improvements to the design of the corral fence. The picket fence is put together just like a corral fence. However, a last minute change in the former is what sets it apart from the latter. The ‘last minute change’ here stands to represent the installation of vertical boards on the corral fence, which would then make the corral fence a picket fence. Picket fences are extremely common and easily visible across homes all over the world.

Privacy Fence
The name of this fence design does little to hide the obvious. As you may have guessed, this fence design is all about the privacy that comes along with it! Privacy fences are usually six feet tall giants, sometimes taller, that come with unique promises of privacy and safety. These fences are extraordinarily tall and are built by affixing wooden boards or planks together. Gaps will be avoided when affixing the wooden boards or planks together.

Shadowbox Fence
The shadowbox fence is a variation of the design of the privacy fence. The shadowbox fence is a lot airier than the privacy fence because its design gives room for the same. A conventional shadowbox fence will have vertical boards on alternate sides as opposed to having vertical boards on the same side, as is the case with the design of the privacy fence. The shadowbox fence may not score high on privacy, but in terms of looks, it sure does pass with flying colors.

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