There are myriad ways you can use shower tiles in a bathroom to make the place look attractive. Read this article to get unique ideas for bathroom shower tile designs.

Shower Tile Design

Gone are the days when the bathroom in one’s house (normally covered with white tiles) used to don a very somber look. Today bathrooms are bright and nicely decorated places that reflect the ambience or the mood of the rest of the house. While some people nowadays spend fortune in the construction of their bathroom, you can just opt experimenting with bathroom tiles to get an amazing result. Read how.
Types of Bathroom Tiles
As far as selecting bathroom shower tile is concerned, there are many different options open to you. For instance, you can select from glazed ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles, quarry tiles or terracotta tiles. Make sure that the particular tile you have chosen for your bathroom fits your budget. Second, also do remember to ask the dealer about the maintenance required for the variety. Pick the bathroom shower tile that you think will go with the design scheme you have in mind. It is a good idea to take few sample tiles home to ensure that the hues and designs are what you really desire.  
Shower Tile Design Ideas
Color is a very crucial factor as it lends character and feel to a place. Due to this, it is important that you choose the color of the bathroom shower tile very carefully. For example using pale and pastel shade tiles in contrast with economical amount of bright tones can create a cool and cheerful atmosphere. Light colors give the feel of an open, airy space and are thus recommended for a small bathroom. You can use a couple of wall-mirrors for the same effect. Dark colors seem to constrict space.
Next, you can choose bathroom shower tiles in basic solid hues or try fluxing different colors and designs creatively. You can attempt creating attractive focal points on the walls of your bathroom with the tiles. Specific zones such as the shower area or the counter top can be highlighted. You can install accent tiles in the center of the standard tiles or create a pattern by alternating them with the regular tiles.
Another great idea is that that you can match the design or pattern of the tile used in the shower area of the bathroom to that of the room. On the other hand, since the shower area is often an enclosed space within the bathroom, you can think of a completely different tile pattern for the shower space.
You have the option of using the same tile for the wall as the floor of the bathroom. Just make sure that the tile has a fine grip and does not become slippery when there is water on it (after one has had a shower). 

Another option is to use contrast tiles for the floor and the wall. For those residing in colder regions like hill stations, it is advised to have warm colored tiles on the floor of the bathroom. This will make the bathroom floor look and feel good especially when you have installed radiant heating beneath.

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