In order to buy the right size chandelier, you need to keep a few things in mind. Check out tips on how to go about choosing the perfect chandelier.

Choose The Right Chandelier

Chandeliers can enhance and perk up the beauty of any ordinary looking room. These are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Ideally, a chandelier is best suited for your dining room. It really works well as a centerpiece and when people flock at the table for food, be sure that not a single one misses staring at the chic chandelier hanging on top. While having dinner with your family or friends just the two of you, the soft light of the chandelier is enough to create the correct ambience.
Size does matter! In order to choose the perfect chandelier, you need to keep in mind, the size of the room, the furniture and also the chandelier itself. The bottom-line is to think big; but not so big that the room looks cluttered. Chandeliers should add a royal grandeur to the room, so big is better. While checking out the sizes, keep in mind the size of your room as well as the height of ceiling. If the ceiling is too high, consider buying a chandelier that has 2-3 layers and if the room is wide, consider buying one that has longer arms and good amount of carvings or filigree work.
This totally depends on the décor of your room. If it has a modern appeal, go in for chandeliers that look chic and stylish and are fit for the contemporary home. Popular styles include chandeliers that provide island lighting, pendant lighting and the bulb holders resemble frosted amber glass. You may even pick up a wrought iron or brass chandelier for lending a rustic and old-world charm to your room. The style of the chandelier picked up by you totally depends on your choice and taste.

The idea to have a chandelier is not just to make your house look grand but also to provide sufficient lighting. Though it is not considered the sole source of light, the idea is to derive maximum lighting from your chandelier. Ideally, you may want to use around 200-300 watts for the chandelier and 75 watts for other lighting sources such as wall scones, etc. Also, if you can, try to wire the chandelier to a dimmer switch so that you can have appropriate lighting according to your activity.

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