Choosing the right breed of dog goes a long way in assuring whether or not you have the perfect canine companion. With this article, get some tips on how to choose a dog.

How To Choose A Dog

A dog is a man’s best friend. However, if your choice of breed is wrong, it can really turn your life upside down. The decision of adopting a dog should be made only after thorough research and thinking, to save you from the difficulty of making a wrong choice. A new pet in your house can change your life completely. Not only will it demand your time, attention and love, but it will also depend on you for everything, just like an infant. Hence, before making a decision to adopt a dog, you should make sure that you have enough time and space for the new member that you would be introducing into your family. It is also essential for you to understand the cost of a dog’s ownership. One of the most important factors that you should consider is that your lifestyle and the dog you decide to adopt should make a good match. There are many factors that should be dealt with before buying a dog. This article provides you with tips on choosing the right dog breed.
Tips On Choosing The Right Dog Breed
The size of a dog is an important aspect to keep in mind, while choosing a dog. Size is an important factor and it should complement your lifestyle and not become a trouble for you. A medium-sized dog is an apt option for any kind of a household. On the other hand, a small dog, though cute, is delicate and fragile. It is more vulnerable to injuries because of its small size. A very large dog, on the other hand, requires more space to move around and wag its tail, without damaging the household items. Maintaining a large dog is also expensive as compared to a small or medium-size dog.
Activity Level
Different breeds of dogs have different energy levels and hence, require exercise and training accordingly. Therefore, before proceeding to adopt a dog, you should be prepared to provide your dog with adequate amount of exercise and training schedule. If your lifestyle and time schedule constrain you from providing enough exercise, then it would be better for you to go in for a low-energy dog. In case you are going for an active canine, make sure you spend enough time with your dog, so as to train it and provide it with activities, to keep its behavior under check.
Age is another important factor to be considered while adopting a dog. The age of the dog should complement your lifestyle and should not become a hindrance for your daily activities. Puppies require more attention and training for the first few months of their growth, which call in for timely dedication on your part. If your daily schedule does not leave you with enough time, adopting a puppy may be a bad idea. Adopting senior or old dogs can be a wonderful experience for those of you who are looking for a low energy dog. Mature adult dogs are the best option for a pet. They do not require much care, like puppies, and are definitely high in energy, attitude and temperament than the senior or old dogs. 
Physical Maintenance
Based on their coat type and physical structure, different breeds of dogs require different types of grooming sessions. Dogs that have their hair growing continuously will require an advanced grooming routine. Most of the short and smooth coat types are major shedders that require clean up routines. You should adopt a breed depending on your convenience level. Dogs with long, floppy ears are more prone to ear infections and will require constant medical attention.
Purebred or Mixed-Breed Dog
If you are in love with a particular breed of dog for their looks or personality traits, or because you have lived around with the particular breed of dog, then going in for purebred dogs would be the best bet. However, it is advisable to do a thorough research on the breed you are planning to adopt so that you can learn about the challenges that will accompany that breed of dog, and whether or not you are ready to take up those responsibilities.
On the other hand, if you love two or more breeds of dogs, then a mixed breed would be a wonderful addition to your life. A mix of two or more breeds will be a perfect balance of their personalities and characteristics. However, you should be prepared for few surprises as and when the dog grows up, as you can never predict the health issues that may affect the canine. Nonetheless, many experts believe that a mixed breed is less open to different health issues. Overall, a mixed breed tends to be a good-natured and intelligent dog. 

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