Do you want to relax outside, in your backyard, this summer? For that, choosing the right patio umbrella is necessary. Explore tips on how to choose patio umbrellas & beat the scorching heat.

How To Choose Patio Umbrellas

It is like a dream come true if you get to spend one entire day relaxing under the shade of trees in your backyard. However, these days, the scorching summer heat has made it close to impossible. The best way to spend the summer days outdoors is to buy good patio umbrellas. They are the most affordable and comfortable solution for combating the hot days. It is not quite easy however, to purchase a suitable umbrella for your patio. There are a lot of points to keep in mind, before going and undertaking the purchase. A patio umbrella should be such that it best suits your requirements, providing you a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, while being in your budget as well. Here are a few tips to follow, if you want to know how to choose patio umbrellas.
Choosing The Right Patio Umbrella
  • There are umbrellas that can stand on the tabletop as well as the ones that can stand by themselves. It depends on your requirements, as to which one you want to purchase. Patio umbrellas that can sit on a tabletop give a nice shade, but their pole can get in the way. Since they are attached to the table, it means you cannot carry them along.
  • Patio umbrellas are available in metal as well as wooden frames. You can select the frame depending upon your requirements. The frame should match your patio theme as well. The umbrellas with metal frames come with push button tilts or crank lifts, which allow the movement of umbrella in any direction. Metal frame umbrellas are available in a wide variety of black, champagne and white colors. The wooden frame is manually handled and cannot be rotated. These types of umbrellas are available in hardwood and teak.
  • Patio umbrellas come with three types of tilting method; collar tilt, crank tilt and push button. Go for a tilting method that is user friendly. Another matter of concern while buying a patio umbrella is the canopy material used. The material of the canopy should be powerful enough to block the dangerous sunrays, which is the main purpose of an umbrella. A PVC canopy is best suited, as it blocks UV rays almost completely and also survives bad weather. The canvas canopies and shade clothes are durable, but are not completely waterproof.
  • Measure the area and the available space, to decide about the size and height of the umbrella you need. Make sure that there is enough room for the table and chairs and that the open canopy clears all the trees and structures.
  • The kind of pole you choose for the umbrella also plays an important role. Choose a pole that can support the umbrella and keep it stable. A pole should be such that it is opened and closed easily and fits your table as well. It is preferable to go in for a taller pole; it helps cast a bigger shadow.
  • Find out a perfect place for your patio umbrella. A flat surface suits both types of umbrellas and keeps the shade stable. It is advisable though, to put the table models between the kitchen door and the outdoor cooking area, for convenience.
  • Get a heavy-duty umbrella and fix it firmly with a base of solid cement. If you choose a flatiron base, be sure its fittings fit your pole. An umbrella with a strong base is essential to keep it firm in times of bad weather.

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