It is important to know all about cleaning your patio furniture of the mildew, lest it starts rotting. Check out the tips given in this article and learn how to remove mildew from patio furniture.

How To Remove Mildew From Patio Furniture

It took you every bit of your extra time and energy to put up that long desired outdoor garden furniture. However, of late, you have been disturbed to see powdery splotches on your handsome piece of furniture. Now, mildew is the last thing that you wanted to see! These grayish-white, reeking molds can cause discoloration of your furniture, which can even get completely damaged over time. Mildew breeds in hot muggy climates and is likely to find its way to just those surfaces where it is not wanted. It can make a mess of almost everything, including your favorite patio furniture and the cushions placed thereon.
Patio furniture is one of the most likely victims of mildew, since it is exposed to hot and humid air at all times. While mildew is unsightly, it is not for this reason alone that you should curb this problem. In the long run, if left un-addressed, mildew can cause lasting damage to your furniture. A thorough cleaning cycle, twice a year, will keep mildew away from your patio furniture, and make it last for years to come. It will also help you keep away the infections that are cause due to inhaling spores when you, unwittingly, sit outside to relax on mildewed furniture. A little care and a few simple steps is all it takes to get this done. Following are some easy tips to help you know how to remove mildew from patio furniture.
Cleaning Mildew From Patio Furniture
  • Mix half cup of white vinegar, half cup of Borax and 2 cups of hot water, in a small bucket. Using a soft bristled brush, gently rub it on the mildew stains. If the stain refuses to go, you can use lemon juice and Borax to relax its hold.
  • In case of stubborn stains, you can go for a bleach solution. Mix bleach with water and apply this on the stains. Rub with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Ammonia is equally effective against mildew. Mix 1 cup ammonia, ½-cup vinegar, ¼-cup baking soda, and 1 gallon water in a bucket. Use this solution to wipe away mildew from your furniture. Use a small brush, or a toothbrush, to get into small areas and crevices.
  • To clean mildew from patio stone furniture, you can use a solution of 1-cup chlorine bleach and 2 gallons of water. Scrub hard with a wire brush and then rinse off with water.
  • If you are looking for eco-friendly solutions to clean your patio furniture, go in for non-toxic, earth friendly products that are devoid of harmful chemicals, bleach or ammonia. It will be safe to use them even if you have children and pets in your house.
  • To remove mildew from painted patio furniture, mix half cup of bleach in 4 cups water and rinse the mildewed area. Allow the solution to set on the stained area for 15 to 20 minutes, rinse well and dry.

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