Dust gathered lampshades represent a haunted house. Explore the article to know some tips on cleaning the lampshades.

How To Clean A Lamp Shade

The prime goal of a lamp shade is that of diffusing the harsh light of a table lamp bulb but it gradually has begun to act as an interior design accessory. A beautiful lamp shade can make your room richer in aesthetics. Nowadays, the overwhelming variety of lamp shades may leave you out of breath if you step into a shop to buy one. Fabric and wire frame, paper or nylon tape, paper balloon, tiffany, glass bowl, aluminum, are the different and popular types of lamp shades. You may not have noticed the dust gathering on your lamp shade because of your heavy work schedule and ‘I don’t have time for anything’ lifestyle; however, one day you may bump into the dust gathered on the lamp shades just because of the dullness of the light. You need to know some tips to clean your lamp shade, not only for a clear vision but also for general hygiene. Read on the article to know how to clean a lamp shade.
Cleaning A Lamp Shade
Quick Tips For Cleaning The Lamp Shade 
  • Switch off all the power to the lamp before you remove the shades from the lamp.
  • You can clean up the fabric shades and the paper shades even when the shades are fixed to its base.
  • It is easier to remove the glass shade, the wall light shade, and the hanging pendant shade from its fitting. 
How To Clean Paper Lamp Shades
  • Paper shades should be cleaned regularly. You can use a soft bristled brush for cleaning paper shades.
  • It is good to clean the fabric lamp shades in long sweeping movements to remove the dust before you rotate the lamp shade and repeat the action.
  • If you find any kind of stitching in the shade, you should avoid brushing roughly and shouldn’t use water to clean the outer surface of a paper shade.
  • You can use a soft cloth to wipe the inner part of the lamp shade if your shade is backed with a plastic liner.
  • If your lampshade has a digitally printed image, you should strictly follow the instructions of the manufacturer to avoid the chances of damaging its surface.
  • Wipe the dust from the light bulb and wire fittings before re-assembling. 
How To Clean Glass Lamp Shades 
  • You should clean the glass shades regularly with a soft lint-free cloth.
  • You should remove the shades from their fittings whenever you try to clean them up. A wet cloth rubbed with soap is the best dust remover for glass lamp shades. Carefully wipe the outer and inner surfaces of the shades with this cloth.
  • You should take ultimate care when you are cleaning a glass lamp shade because rough rubbing may damage hard painted surfaces.
  • After you cleaned up the glass shades with a wet soap cloth, you can work on it with wet cloth to remove the traces of soap. After finishing with a wet cloth, you should use a dry cloth, which will leave it blot free.
  • Whenever you clean up a lamp shade, it is important to clean the bulb too. You can use a soft and dry cloth for this and you can clean both wire fittings and bulb before re-assembling.

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