Working on a project and tired of looking for small screws that are coming off the screwdriver repeatedly? Well, read this article to know different tips on how to magnetize a screwdriver at home.

How Do You Magnetize A Screwdriver

Using a screwdriver becomes extremely challenging when you have to insert screws into a deep hole or the ceiling or when the screws are really small. The only solution to all these problems is to use a magnetized screwdriver that will help you pick up and hold screws while they are being installed. Here, it will do well for you to know that you do not have to buy a new screwdriver every time it loses its magnetism. You can temporarily magnetize the tip of your screwdriver in a very simply way. However, ensure that you do not use strongly magnetized tools around computer components. Read on further to explore useful tips on how you can magnetize a screwdriver at home.
Magnetizing Your Screwdrivers
Prepare Your Items
Gather all the items required to magnetize a screwdriver, such as a screwdriver, a large fully charged battery, thick copper wire, wire strippers, a large strong magnet, and protective attire - like gloves and safety glasses.
Wear Protective Clothing
In order to prevent yourself from injury, put on gloves and safety glasses before you start to magnetize the screwdriver. Also ensure that you have worn the right clothing, to avoid them slipping off while working.
Method 1
Strip the Copper Wire
Peel off the copper wire’s casing, using wire strippers, to expose about an inch of the wire’s inner core at both the ends. Be careful not to hurt yourself while undertaking this step.
Attach Wire to Battery
Wrap the wire around the shaft of the screwdriver several times. Attach one exposed end of the copper wire to the negative terminal of the battery. Immediately, fasten the other exposed end of the wire to the battery’s positive terminal. Keep the battery and wire at a distance from you, since attaching wires to the battery is likely to produce sparks.
Take Off Copper Wires
Disconnect the copper wires from the battery terminals carefully. The screwdriver will be magnetized by now. Store the copper wire and battery aside carefully, in case you would want to magnetize the screwdriver again in future.
Method 2
Use a Magnet
You can magnetize your screwdriver using an alternative method i.e. by using a magnet. Glide a magnet along the length of the screwdriver. Be sure to slide the magnet along only in one direction i.e., from the base of the screwdriver towards its tip. Glide the magnet continuously for a few seconds, away from its end. Repeat at least ten times to magnetize the screwdriver completely.
Test the Magnet
After magnetizing your screwdriver, the most important step is to test your magnetized screwdriver for its magnetic properties. Hold the screwdriver near some steel screws and check if they are getting attracted towards it. Do not place screws made from copper, brass plastic or aluminum, as they will not be attracted to the screwdriver.

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