Obedience training tips should be effectively used to inculcate good behavior and obedience in your dog. Read the article to find dog obedience tips for training your dog.

Dog Obedience Tips

Dog obedience training is essential to ensure good behavior and appropriate mannerisms in your canine companion. Obedience training helps in establishing a bond with the pet and projects you as the dominant member in between the two. It is important to start obedience training at a young age, so that the canine gets habituated to the ways, when it grows old. Dog obedience is a process and hence, understanding mistakes and rewarding good behavior, instead of punishing bad behavior, will make the process a grand success. Obedience training teaches your dog how to behave properly with people and become a well-mannered companion. The basic idea behind dog obedience training is to build a strong and friendly relationship with your pet. Read through the following lines to find tips for dog obedience training.
Tips For Dog Obedience Training
  • Do not frustrate your dog by being extra-commanding and strict in the initial stage. Doing so will be negative for your dog’s training. Respect its behavior and act accordingly. Also, avoid asking it to perform something, which the dog can escape easily.
  • Make sure that you reward or praise your dog whenever it performs well. It can be anything from a verbal praise to petting, giving food, playing toy or anything that you know will turn it on. Follow this religiously throughout the entire training period. Doing so will help in developing an amiable relationship with your dog. Moreover, this will assist in cultivating good habits into your dog.
  • If your dog makes a mistake, do not punish it physically, hurl abuses or display displeasure by force. Instead, you can penalize your dog. Remember, “penalize” is different from “punish”. You can penalize your dog by ignoring it or not moving when it is on leash. This will make your dog feel guilty and hence, would induce proper behavior thereafter.
  • While training, use commands like ‘No’, ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’, ‘Release’ and ‘Down’. Such commands are easily picked up by dogs during the training procedure.
  • It is very important to let your dog know that you are the leader. Dogs have the mentality to assume themselves as the leaders. Once your pet knows that you are the leader, it will eagerly follow you.
  • Dedicate a set portion of time from your daily routine towards obedience training your dog. Use short training sessions of 5 to 10 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day. This would be a great way to induce in your dog values of obedience and respect.
  • It is very crucial to practice a training routine that is fun for you as well as the dog. This will help in training the dog effectively and strengthen the bond between the two of you.
  • Once your dog is successfully trained, continue the training sessions for short periods on a daily basis to let it brush up on the basics and skills.
  • If you have tried everything and are finding it difficult to make your dog behave properly, seek assistance from professional dog trainers or dog obedience schools.

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