Obedience training for dogs is important to make them well-behaved and compliant. Explore the article for some valuable tips on dog obedience training.

Obedience Training For Dogs

You can inculcate good behavior in your dog by a proper obedience and training program. However, the success of your dog's obedience training will depend upon how well you communicate with him and tame the animal to obey your commands. Therefore, the onus lies on you, to make your dog compliant and friendly. You need to keep in mind that using force and compulsion is not the way to go about it (trust me; a lot of dog owners commit this mistake). Rather, your patience and consistency would be the key in shaping your dog's behavior and eventually, good results will show. This article brings you some very useful tips on obedience training for dogs. Read on and know how to make your dog well-behaved.
Dog Obedience Training Tips
  • Before you start training your dog, it is important to determine the best technique or method that suits you as well as your dog. The training technique might vary as per the breed of your dogs. However, dog trainers unanimously agree that most dogs respond well to positive reinforcements, like praise and treats.
  • The training session with your dogs should last for 10-15 minutes at a time and be undertaken twice or thrice a day, in the beginning. If you are training a puppy, this is more likely to be the case, as puppies have a very short attention span (just like kids). However, too long training sessions will bore out even an adult dog.
  • Don’t keep repeating your commands, as it will foster a tendency in your dog to ignore your instructions. Look straight into the eyes of your dog, when your give commands and take the dog's name before each and every command.
  • Begin by teaching some basic commands to your dog. Commands to sit down and stand up are the easiest for the dogs to learn. Then, teach your dog to lie down and so on. Take care to reward your dog for the commands it has mastered.
  • If your teaching method is failing to produce the desired results, even after a reasonable period of time, you need to shift to a more workable method. Doing more of the same thing can also hamper results, so don’t repeat the same exercise time and again.
  • It is important not to punish your dog or become angry, if and when he fails to follow your instructions successfully. It will create confusion in your dog's mind and the whole purpose behind the training will be defeated. Moreover, your dog can also become aggressive on being punished.
  • When your dog gets bored or tired, know that its time to end the session. Pushing to the limit is not the right way to train dogs. They will not be able to listen attentively to your commands or follow them properly, if they have become bored or tired.
  • Sending your dog to a dog training school or seeking professional help can also be a good idea, provided you are willing to shell out that kind of money. Professional trainers can train your dogs in a matter of weeks. You can also join a local dog obedience class, so that your dog is under the supervision of a training instructor. However, it is good to be directly involved in training your dog.

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