Dog potty training is done to ensure that your home is kept clean even in your absence when your dog is the king of your house.

Potty Training For Dog

How will it be when your dog licks you up every morning like an alarm with the morning newspaper in his mouth for you to read on? Everything is well and fine until one day when instead of licking, he answers the nature’s call on you when you are least expecting it. Then you realize that your training has gone all wrong. It is fun to imagine a whole bunch of pups staying at your place and you will be truly inspired to have your own bunch after seeing the movie Beethoven, but not the untrained ones for sure. Dog is a man’s best friend, as they say, but no best friend will ever poop on your new bed. So you change the saying a little, like ‘it is a well –trained dog who is a man’s best friend’. But not many people know how to give a proper toilet training to their dog. Though it is not a Herculean task it is not that easy as well. Check out information on potty training for dogs.
Toilet Training For Dogs

Get Started At An Early Age
Like the saying goes ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, start giving your dog potty lessons when it is a little puppy. They should be treated like little children and should be given the potty training at a very young age itself because it can benefit you better. At a smaller age they will be more receptive and will catch up with whatever you teach unlike when they are older and always ready to unlearn.

Crate Your Dog
You need to keep an eye on your dog every time. You should give the dog a feeling that it is watched upon. Keep the dog closer to you whether it is in a crate or is been given a confined area as this feeling will help your dog think twice before it goes for anything nasty. This can also prevent the dog from indulging in any such activity in your absence.

Watch The Food Of Your Dog
Don’t stuff your dog’s stomach with anything and everything that you have at home because he is your first pup. Always consult a vet before you plan the diet of your dog. Remember, too much of waste in its diet will make the dog eliminate the waste through its poops and that means too many poops a day.
Keep Timings
Make your dog is a disciplined one by making him to eat only at the permitted time. You should keep a timetable for its food which will actually help the dog adjust to the routine in the long run. Do not attempt treating it with anything special when it is all set to go for its sleep. Give him water in limited supply, as at times they will be provoked to drink water for anything and everything, from boredom to stress. 

Spend Some Time
It is not possible to get rid of your dog’s dirty habits out of the blue. Don’t expect that you will find the dog pooping outside the house, the very next day of your training. You will have to spend some real time with your dog and in the long run you can mend itss habits. The end result will be fruitful.

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