Many times, you are caught unawares when suddenly you find that your toilet is clogged. Here you will find useful home remedy for unclogging a toilet.

How To Unclog Toilet

More often than not, you find yourself completely inadequate to deal with a clogged toilet. What is the perfect home remedy for unclogging a toilet? You need not be Einstein to find out an answer for this! Almost everyone faces this problem sometime or other. It may be due to accidental dumping of tissues, or some other article that could be blocking the pipe. So, to find out the solution to your problem, read on to know how to unclog a toilet.
What you Need
  • Plunger
  • Toilet Auger
  • 5-gallon Bucket
  • Water Source (besides toilet)
  • Chemical De-clogger
  • Try to find out what went inside the bowl, by asking family members. Mostly, it could be a piece of cloth, tissues, make-up material, etc. This way, you will come to know whether the stuff will dissolve with chemical de-clogger or not.
  • If the water doesn’t go through, there is no point flushing it again and again. Place some newspapers and cloth pieces around the bowl to soak accidental spillage of toilet water.
  • Now, scoop out the water from the toilet bowl, into a bucket. Don’t throw it inside the sink. Leave some water in order to cover the plunger. Now, insert the plunger into the bowl. The rubber part must entirely cover the drain opening and should be covered with the water that is left inside the bowl.
  • Firmly, push the plunger handle down and up at a rapid pace. Usually, if a clog is not too obstinate, it clears out due to the repeated bursts of water from the plunger. Don’t be too rough or careless with the plunger as it may damage the toilet bowl.
  • If the obstruction is kind of stubborn, you would probably need a toilet auger to clear it. Toys, make up tubes and other obstinate items are usually cleared out using a toilet auger. This should mostly solve your problem.
  • Even after this if you are not able to remove a clog, consider using a chemical de-clogger. This will definitely melt away any cloth piece or tissues that may have been stuck in the drain pipe. Use precautions like rubber gloves and a face mask (to protect from fumes) to avoid any kind of injury. Follow the instruction given on the bottle. Don’t compromise on quality and price. It may be nothing when compared to peace of mind.
  • Flush only when you are confident that the clog has been removed. However, just for precaution, remove the lid off the flush to raise the ball inside to stop the flow of water if it starts to spill out again. If you think, you have tried your best; it is time to call in the professionals!

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