Training your dog to regularly sit on command will help you gain respect from the pet. Explore the following to learn how to teach dogs to sit in a few simple steps.

How To Teach Dogs To Sit

Teaching dogs how to sit is a typical pet-owner’s foray into some fun activities. It makes the owner extremely proud and accomplished when an understanding look flashes on his dog’s face and he plops his bottom on the ground, as soon as the word ‘sit’ is uttered. In case, you also have dogs and are now wondering how to teach them to sit, a notable point is that you will have to associate the word ‘sit’ with the desired action. In addition, you have to be tremendously patient to train your dog to follow the basic command. Remember that commanding a dog quietly, humanely and positively will also establish your leadership over him. In case, you want to know more on training a dog to sit, check out the tips listed in the lines that follow.
Training Your Dog For Sit Command
It is very essential to establish a strong bond with your dog, before you start training him for any command, including the one to sit. This way, he will pay more attention and will be eager to please you.
Training, Not Teaching
You need to remember that you are not teaching your dog to sit, since he already knows how to sit and has been doing the same for quite some time now. All you have to do is train him to sit on your command. You have two options to command your dog to sit: - you can visually cue him to sit, by raising one hand or verbally cue him, by saying, “sit”.
Train your dog when he is hungry. This way, he will be more attentive to your speech. Use small, tasty, easy to gobble soft dog treats, to get him to obey your command. Small cubes of hot dog or cheese would do great. In case, your dog has food allergies, stick to hard biscuits or a small bone, with a small number of ingredients, enough to eat in one bite.
Getting Attention
Call out your dog’s name in a clear and normal voice to catch his attention towards you. Try to coax and win him over.
Lead your dog to the sitting position by using the treat just above his nose level, until he has no option, but to sit. Do not place the treat too high; else, he will start jumping. Just before he is about to hit the ground, say “sit” and give the treat. The moment he sits, praise him with the word “good”. In case, he does not follow the treat while sitting and gets up, ease him to sit down. Reward him with a treat every time he ends up sitting.
After your dog has had his treat, release him from the sitting position after saying the words “release” or “free”.
Keep Trying
Use treats and train your dog until he finally understands what you are trying to convey to him. In case, he does not sit on every command, do not disappoint him and treat him once in a while, otherwise as well.
  • Keep the training sessions short, of about 5 minutes and conduct them in various locations, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Repeat the training sessions 3 to 4 times in a day; else, the dog will lose interest in the same.
  • In case, your dog does not sit after a few tries, do not push him into the sitting position. Instead, watch him for some time and when he sits, praise him with the words “good sit”.

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