Decorating your windowsill is a great way of adding personality to your home. Go through the following article to explore different ideas on how to decorate a windowsill.

How To Decorate A Windowsill

Windowsills form an important part of your home. They add style to your home decor, allowing your family to look out and enjoy the scenery. They also come handy for one more task - adding personality to your room. You can use your window sills to create an extra space for style statements in the room. They can be decorated in a variety of ways and styles. The space can be used to brighten up the room and even a touch of practical whimsy can be added. You can even turn your windowsill into a beautiful space or give it a seasonal look in the festive holidays. Read on further to know some simple and easy ideas on how you can decorate a windowsill.
Windowsill Decorating Ideas
Reading Area
Large window ledges enable you to utilize the space for reading. Decorating them a bit will make the area look cozier. If the area is not that big, use your beloved books and reading glasses to decorate your window sill. You can also place a decanter for holding your favorite tea or afternoon cocktail beverage. For more comfort, place a chair to enjoy the natural sunlight while reading a novel. Another option is to transform the windowsill to a kids’ reading nook or a play area. Replace the decanter with some fun blocks for your kids to play with.
Miniature Garden
Another perfect idea to decorate your windowsill is to grow and create your own miniature garden around it. Bring your outdoor hobby inside, in case you have a spacious windowsill. Include fresh herbs to use them round the year and with some fresh spring flowers, enjoy the beauty of the season. You can also incorporate healing plants, floral arrangements, or a combination of the two to create a beautiful landscape of both the worlds.
Memory Mantle
Decorating your windowsill is as important as planning your home décor. Use this space to display your collections or some favorite pieces. Add an antique heirloom piece and a few cherished photographs of your childhood memories. An antique mirror, with a couple candles and roses, will give a romantic feeling every time you look at it. You can change the decorations with the changing season, like adding a few framed, colored leaves in the fall, sun-catchers in the summer and a small lit up tree in winter.
Christmas Windowsill
Turn your window sill into a Christmas present by using festive paper on the wall and window sills and putting a large bow on top with a tag. You can also put fake snow on the sill and place luminaries at equal intervals, alongside. Include candles for a cheery winter glow. Another option is to hang candy canes from red ribbon, in such a way that they hang from the edge of the windowsill. You can even decorate your windowsill with pine boughs and pinecones, by gluing some white sparkly glitter on them, to give a look of fresh snow.
Halloween Windowsill
In case, it is Halloween, get 6 to 9 small pumpkins and clean them well, using a warm, damp paper towel, till the time their orange color starts to shine through. Line these pumpkins at the windowsill in a diagonal line, in a random order. Decorate them with a few sprigs of foliage or a plant.

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