Antique furniture is an interesting way to infuse life and character in your bedroom. Go though this article and check out some antique furniture ideas for your bedroom.

Antique Bedroom Furniture

There is a sense of timelessness - a feeling of constancy and incessancy that one gets on collecting antiques. Avid antique collectors and vintage dealers derive a unique sense of pleasures by amassing objects that provide them with an opportunity to interact with history. They get excited and elated to get a glimpse of an era that few had the chance to interact with. Moreover, indulging in such a hobby is not only pleasurable and satisfying, but also is a great way of attaching a financial meaning to your interest. Over the years, vintage collectors have reaped significant profits from their hobby. Moreover, such a form of collection is an ongoing process, as there is no end point to mark its termination or completion.
Antique collectors can be found worldwide, spending their entire lives scurrying and digging through flea markets, open antique fairs and estate sales or taking trips to remote historical sites in their quest to acquire coveted treasures and antiques. This innate sense of collecting and acquiring things is not only restricted to vintage collectors, rather applies to the human race in its entirety. It is a basic human instant to collect things that either have a historic value or evoke a kind of nostalgia. Many people like to adorn and beautify their house with such collections and in this context; antique bedroom furniture is one of the most common things that people fall for. Let us explore some ideas in this regard.
Antique Furniture Ideas For Your Bedroom 
  • While talking about antique bedroom furniture and decor, it becomes mandatory to mention the unique creations made by the designers of 19th century. This century gave home designing a whole new dimension, by producing concurrent revival styles like Gothic, Rococo, Neoclassicism and the East Haven Movement.  You can include furniture items from any of these styles, in your room.
  • During the reigning period of Queen Victoria, in the later part of the 19th century, indoor furnishing and designing gained a new meaning. The antique “Waterbury Wall Clock”, which became popular around that time, will be an exquisite addition to any room. It especially looks good in spacious areas, with neutral and basic wall shades.
  • A highly prized illustration of Victorian furniture is the “Antique Wooten Desk”, which was designed by William S. Wooten in the year 1870. Soon after it was designed, it became quite popular with the wealthy section of the society. It is still regarded as a sign of class and elegance. Hooked with dozens of drawers and crannies, the piece is perfect for storage or simply keeping as piece of décor.
  • Ming furniture, belonging to the early Ming and the Qing dynasty, is a great example of the ancient Chinese culture and tradition. Its antique cabinets, sideboards and ceramic figures never cease to draw admiration and appreciation from onlookers. Whether it is the Buddha head or the Tibetan furniture, these pieces are perfect for bedroom decoration and beautification.
  • Another era in history when household furnishings and decors ideas flourished was during the rule of George IV, between 1811 and 1820. This period, also called the Regency Era, saw the creation of some masterpieces that make onlookers awestruck with amazement even today. Among these, the ones that require special mention are the Regency parlor chair, ladies’ toilette, footstool, lyraflugel, lanterloo table, harlequin desk and so on.

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