Read the article given below to get an idea on how to go about decorating a house without straining the budget.

Home Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Home is where the heart is and to liven up your den with excellent interior design doesn’t require pots of money. A little imagination and time can make your house a home that you dream of. Decorating your home on a tight budget doesn’t mean that style and beauty should be sacrificed. Instead, limited resources give rise to innovative approaches which are different from the rest. Instead of opting for branded products you could go for flea market and homemade decorative items. Depending on your imagination they can provide an even more personality and glamour to your home. After all decorating a home with one- fourth of the budget of what your neighbors spent in theirs and still being their envy is a dream not many can boast of. So, to help you realize your dream house without making a dent in your pocket here are few ideas on how you can decorate your home on a budget:
Tips For Decorating Your House On A Budget
  • Wallpapers are a great alternative to paint and very cheap. Available in various colors and designs, wallpapers can brighten up your room perhaps more than paints. Cover the entire floor to ceiling walls with wallpaper and see how its beauty catches up with paint.
  • Source all your furniture, doors, and windows from the flea market. The designs are excellent and if you are endowed with good bargaining skills, you can get all your items dirt-cheap. Even antique door and window frames can be bought, if you are lucky, at throwaway prices.
  • Use iron or steel furniture as it is cheap, long lasting and in the long run you will be doing your own bit towards reducing global warming.
  • Hang large mirrors on one side of the wall so that it gives a feeling of largeness, especially for small houses or rooms.
  • Liven up your walls, not with costly paintings, but with your family photographs neatly framed in metal. Any old photographs can add a certain antique charm to your house.
  • Don’t envy your neighbor if you don’t have a garden. A beautiful and extensive garden can be created on your terrace, corridor, window, and door ledge without the added hassle of gardening. Use pots and pans and any other discarded utensils; fill it up with soil and plant. You can even hang these containers from the ceiling. A rotten wood hanged at both the ends can act as a perfect growing place for orchids or a tyre cut in half, filled with soil can be planted with petunias.
  • Try to put in more ventilators and skylights so that there is plenty of light and air, without which a small house will appear stuffy.
  • Glass spacers can be used in lieu of buildings walls between rooms, which are very cost effective.
  • Plenty of flowers can brighten up any house and is one of the best and cheapest decorating items. Instead of throwing away tumblers, mugs or such any other containers, decorate them using color paper and sticker. They can be used as vases for flowers and also to plant live plants and put them around each and every corner of the house.

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