Fresco painting is one of the painting types, which is done on ceilings and walls. In case, you want to give a new, fresher look to your walls, read on for tips on how to paint a fresco.

How To Paint A Fresco

Fresco is a type of painting that is done on plaster walls and ceilings. The word ‘fresco’ derives its origin from the Italian word affresco, meaning fresh. Frescos became popular during the Renaissance period and early time periods. This type of painting is an innovative and creative way to paint your walls, more so if you are looking for a change. If you want to modify or alter the look of your home, without complicating the whole redesigning process, you can simply fresco paint your walls and ceiling and give an all-new, different appearance to your dwelling. In case you are looking for some tips on how to paint a fresco, follow the article.
Ways To Paint A Fresco 
  • You can try painting a fresco free hand, provided you are a good artist. Dry the image with pencil on the wall and then paint it.
  • You can also keep the fresco simple, by drawing a grid with equal-sized squares and using the squares to guide you. For instance, if you want to paint a palm tree, its trunk may require five squares and the leaves may take three and a half squares on both sides.
  • You can make fresco painting even easier for you by getting a tracing paper and tracing a picture on it. Put the tracing paper onto a projector and enlarge it using the projector. Project this on the wall you want to paint. Now trace the lines and then, color them.
  • Another way to paint a fresco is to simply use a paintbrush and flick paint on the wall. (You can also do it following a more elaborate procedure as well, as has been given below)
Fresco Painting (Paintbrush Method)
  • Bucket
  • 2 Paintbrushes
  • Off-White Flat Latex Paint
  • Earthy Tone Flat Latex Paint
  • Natural Sea Sponge
  • Clean Rag
  • Drop Cloth
  • The first step is to prepare the area for painting. Therefore, clean the surface of the walls, so that they are ready to paint.
  • Paint two coats of off-white paint on the walls. Allow the paint to dry. Then, paint a 3-foot square area with earthly tone paint. Work rapidly and uniformly, when you paint.   
  • Before the 3-foot square paint dries completely, rub the color on to the wall, so as to design a mottled look. Use the second brush this time. After use, wipe the brush on a clean rag, to keep its bristles dry.
  • Now, combine equal parts of off-white paint and water in a bucket. Take the sponge and dip it in the mixture. After the sponge has absorbed the mixture, apply it to the entire wall with a rubbing motion, while working rapidly.
  • Keep wetting the sponge in the mixture as you proceed. After you are done, wring the sponge dry, even as the paint on the wall is still wet.
  • Now, work the sponge on the entire surface in a circular motion. Do this without applying force to the sponge, so that the paint spreads evenly on the wall. Based on the first patch, continue the process until the entire wall begins to look mottled. Keep wringing the sponge in between, to keep it dry.

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