Buying a dining room table should factor in many considerations, other than taste and style. Explore the article for the right tips on how to buy a dining room table set.

How To Buy A Dining Room Table Set

Your dining room table is not going to be just any other piece of furniture. Rather, it is the place where the entire family sits together and has a meal. It is the place for conversations, discussions and even arguments. Dining room tables survive longer than other furniture and you may have a chance to pass it to the next generation as well. It’s better to make a thoughtful and sensible choice while zeroing in on it, as you (and even your kids) will have to live with it for long. There are many factors to consider when you are buying a dining table, other than taste and style. The article brigs you some tips to consider before purchasing a dining table. Read on to know how to buy a dining room table set.
Buying A Dining Room Table Set
Consider The Shape
Tables for dining rooms have typical shapes, i.e. rectangular, square and round and oval. Round or oval shapes would suit you well, if you have a small family. However, if the rounded table is too big in size, it becomes uncomfortable for the guests to chat across the space. An oval or round dining room table that can accommodate twelve people is bigger than a rectangular table that accommodates the same number. Therefore, if the idea is to entertain large groups, go for a rectangular dining table. For medium-sized groups of five to six people, oval shaped tables are the best. Square and round tables would suit even smaller groups.
The material of dining table should suit the other materials used in the house. While mahogany and walnut have a fancier appeal and formal feel, oak, cherry and pine impart a more relaxed and casual appearance to the dining room. If your children will want to do homework and other activities on the table and you don’t mind scratches and spills, you can go for the casual woods. For those who mind scratches, an antique table with cravings would be perfect, as it hides the irregularities of the surface better than the smooth finishes. Glass is more of a contemporary design and it resists stains and chips better than the wood.
Consider Family Requirements
People, who have younger children, may want to go for a different dining table. A casual wooden table would well suit the requirements of a family with kids, who often use the table for a range of other activities. Dining room becomes the gathering zone, homework area and place to do the arts and craft activities with children around. While glass is less likely to suffer scratches, it shows fingerprints and water rings prominently. As such, it may call for some diligent cleaning. Square tables are not preferable with toddlers at home, as they have edges that can hurt them. Consider an oak, cherry or pine table, if you have a young family.
Table Styles
You also need to consider the kind of look that you want to give to your dining room. An antique dining room table will make you feel a rich sense of history, when coupled with antique-looking accessories and room décor. Such tables sport beautiful cravings and handcrafted workmanship. The contemporary mass-produced furniture rarely exhibits any craftsmanship. If you want to go for a more modern and ‘in’ look, glass may be your choice. Expandable tables can also be chosen based on your requirement as well, and not just the look. After all, you have to combine style, usability and comfort!

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