Adding curtains enhances the overall décor of the dining room. Read on to know about dining room curtain designs.

Dining Room Curtains

Whether it is an informal gathering of family members or a formal dinner involving your friends and associates, dining room plays a very important role. It is an area that has been exclusively set aside for the purpose of enjoying a warm, peaceful and cozy meal, away from the hustle and bustle of the other rooms. Even though table and chairs are the most important aspects of a dining room, you cannot discount the significance of other features, such as windows, centerpieces, and so on.
Windows is one of those aspects that, if done the right way, can greatly add to the appeal of a dining room. When it comes to adorning the windows of the room, curtains and valances are amongst the first things that come into mind. While choosing them, make sure that they go with the overall décor. Since window dressings are expensive and take time to be fitted, it is better to choose designs and materials that would work for a long time to come.
Dining Room Curtain Designs 
  • Venetian blinds are amongst the popular window curtain styles, especially when it comes to contemporary décor. They are available in a large variety of sizes, styles, and colors. This provides you a lot of scope for being creative and lending them an individual character. If you don't want to go for the typical vinyl blinds, consider using the numerous other styles that are in vogue.
  • When it comes to window curtains, valances make a style statement of their own. The lengths as well as styles of the valances present a number of options, letting you employ custom design and decorating. When going for valances, make sure that they have been tailored to blend with the overall décor of the dining room. At the same time, they should coordinate with the curtains in the other rooms.
  • Sheers are another option for your dining room windows. Available in a wide range of patterns, thickness and designs, they go best with summer or light decor. This is because they mostly add a gauzy look to the windows. In case of winter, you can add heavier draperies to the sheers, for creating a layered look. During the day, tie the draperies, letting the sheer take the center stage. At night, let them hang loose.
  • If you want a very casual and relaxed appearance for your dining room, flowing curtains or tiebacks is just the option for you. Just like other types of window curtains, they are available in many styles and provide a lot of choices. You can either match dining room curtains with those in the kitchen or coordinate them with the window coverings that have been used throughout the house. 
Choosing Dining Room Curtains 
  • First, determine what you need the curtains for - just adding to the décor of the room, hiding an ugly window pane or ensuring privacy. This will have a bearing on the style of curtains.
  • While buying the window curtains, make sure that the style would not interfere with the natural lighting of the dining room. Something that would make you depend on artificial lighting all the time is not a good option.
  • The style as well as the color of curtains should match the décor of the dining room as well as the overall furnishings of your house.
  • In most of the cases, a dining room is close to the kitchen and is prone to things like moisture. So, avoid heavy fabrics like velvet, as they can soak up the moisture and take on a musty odor.
  • Do not go for fabrics that have frills or flounces. They can be dangerous if located too close to the cook-top.

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