Cleaning your dining room will not only gain you respect, but will benefit you with a healthy family too. Explore this article to find ways on how to clean your dining room.

Cleaning Dining Room

Dining room is an important part of a home, as it connotes family time for everyone in the house. It is the place where everyone shares sometime daily and discusses day’s events; usually over dinner. Moreover, this room comes under the display immediately after the living area. A surprise arrival of guests can give you tension, if the dining area is extremely dirty.  We know you have shelled out a lot of money in its interiors; however, it becomes useless if there is a pungent smell and layers of dust dominating your formal family hub. It will not only retard your reputation, but also bring bad health for you and your family. Hence, take a step forward, to make it appealing, organized and clean. Go through the lines given below and find some workable tips on cleaning your dining room.
How To Clean Your Dining Room 
  • Start with pulling out curtains and other covers, like cushions, from the room and put them in the washing area. If you don’t wish to wash them, clean them using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Now, start dusting the furniture (dining table, chairs, and wall cabinets) and then follow with the cleaning of the electronics.
  • Clean the windows and glass materials with newspaper or a solution of liquid soap and water. Wipe them out thoroughly, making sure that you do not end up dirtying other furniture or the walls.
  • Wipe out the things that are used on a daily by many people, like telephone, remote control, and electric socket, with a disinfectant. You can even clean them with a cotton ball nail dipped in paint remover, for a new look. However, before cleaning the socket, remember to switch off the main electricity point of that room, to remain safe from electric shock.
  • The upholstery is another area that needs to be paid attention to and cleaned gently and effectively. Using a moistened micro fiber cloth, wipe it down. You can even unsoil it using a dry cleaning sponge, if it has gone extremely dirty.
  • Using step ladder, wipe out the ceiling fans, a/c and lights. Make sure to turn the main electricity point off, before starting with this type of cleaning.
  • If you had forgotten to use a candle holder during your candlelight dinner, cleaning the spilled wax can be a little time consuming. Use an ice cube (it will break the wax into pieces) or a hair-dryer (it will melt the wax) and wipe it off.
  • Clean the corners of the wall and the area behind the decorative pieces, to remove cobwebs. You can even check furniture from all angles, to detect and remove the cobwebs, if any.
  • Dust the drawers with a cloth or cleaner and weed out unnecessary things that you don’t require.
  • Gently clean other decorative items, like paintings, frames, sculptures, or porcelain figurines, using a dry cloth.
  • Clean the carpet and rugs yourself, by making use of vacuum cleaner. You can even hire a professional for the purpose, if it seems too much of a task for you.
  • Vacuum clean the floor properly and replace the room with fresh curtains and covers. Use a room freshener in the room, for a fresh feel.

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