Hanging drapes impart an elegant and classy look not just to your windows, but to the entire house. Explore the article to find some helpful tips on how to hang drapes.

How To Hang Drapes

Drapes are very popular as a window treatment idea and they also look very classy and elegant. They are also used to prevent the blistering sunlight from entering the rooms. Many people hang drapes on their windows to decorate and impart a dressy look to the entire house. A huge variety of drapes are available in the market, in different types and styles and you can take your pick according to what suits your tastes. Hanging drapes is a simple and uncomplicated process, contrary to the cumbersome procedures that people tend to associate with them. Read the article to find the right tips on how to hang drapes.
Hanging Drapes
Simple Drapes 
  • To begin with, you will require a measuring tape, a screwdriver or a drill. Firstly, measure the length and width of the window, on which you want to hang the drapes. You need to take precise measurements, so that the drapes fit in nicely.
  • Choose the drapes according to exact measurements that you have taken. Drapes are available in different types and you can choose according to your preferences. The long, elegant ones go till the floor, while the more casual ones go till the end of the window.
  • Now, you need an appropriate rod for hanging the drapes. The drapes can either completely cover the rod or the end of the rod sticking to the drapes slightly. Therefore, rods are to be chosen depending on the style and pattern you want to give to your drapes. You can measure the holes for the rods to fit well in them. Alternately, you can carry the drapes along, when you go to buy rods.
  • Decide which way you want to hang the rod for the drapes. Hang on either side of the window. Use the motorized drill to fasten the brackets, as it will make your job very easy.
  • Secure the rod and check the drapes on the bracket. See if all the drapes are hung evenly. 
Pleated Drapes 
  • Drapery pin hooks or quick hooks are required for hanging pleated drapes. The first step is to lay out the drapes on a clean surface, with the back side of the drapes facing upward.
  • On each of the drape pleats, insert a pin hook or quick hook. In case you are inserting pin hooks, make sure that you slide the sharp pin under the stitches, in order to hide it completely in the fabric, keeping only the hook visible. If you are using quick hooks, you need to slide the double prong teeth under the side of the pleat. Only the hook end should be visible.
  • The hook is to be inserted on any one of the drape sides. This is to be done only in case of drapes that will be attached to the wall drapery brackets.
  • If you intend to join the drapes at the centre, connect both the panels at the center with the help of quick hooks.
  • Insert each hook over the rod and then into the rod drapery holes, for the purpose of mounting the drapes.

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