The Victorian dining room sports a very classic look accentuated by colors, furniture and lights. Check out tips for decorating a Victorian dining room.

Victorian Dining Room

The Victorian dining room exudes charm and elegance and looks absolutely classic when maintained properly. The Victorian design went through a process of changes and metamorphism three major times during the entire 19th century. During the reign of Queen Victoria, the dignified and restrained decoration was more in vogue. By mid-century, the décor turned heavier and more masculine in nature. By the end of the century, lighter and playfully brighter colors and styles were adapted, giving it a more feminine and delicate style. In the contemporary times, a Victorian dining room gives a royal touch to a house. If you are looking for tips for decorating a dining room in the Victorian style, check out information on the right colors, furniture and lights.
Color for Walls
The walls are usually accentuated by a dado rail that separates the wall into two sections. The section above the dado rail is to be done with a simple patterned wall-paper. The designs can be anything like tangled lilies, creepers, vines, brambles, etc. This usually reflects the royal charm of the Victorian era and gives your dining space a well-decorated look.
Below the dado rail, choose a dark color like in shades of brown, green, or dark pastel shades. The corners of the walls can have paneling done by wood. This usually suits larger dining rooms; else it will make a small room look smaller. The curtains and drapes are usually done in a heavy fabric with a velvety look in a rich contrasting color like rust, copper or even light golden.
The Lights
Think Victorian era and chandeliers, wall-scones and big candle holders come to mind. The perfect lighting is provided by a big chandelier on the ceiling which is used when there are guests at your home. Else, you can have hidden lights, wall-scones that give a very soft ambience. The lights are usually hidden behind a covering and that is what makes the dining room look royal and mystical. A big candle stand in iron or silver on the middle of the table is ideal for lending a classic look. Place candles on them and watch the room warm up when you light them!
The dining room decorated according to the style of the Victorian era will have large, sturdy and masculine furniture, inspired from the Empire, Gothic and Renaissance styles. The wood used will also be sturdy like mahogany, walnut and rosewood. The tables and chairs have a nicely chiseled and curved appearance, laying much emphasis on styling. Another important furniture, which must be there in a Victorian dining room, is a sideboard.  

This is usually set against the wall where there is a large mirror along with shelves and cabinets. For hosting dinners, the dishes were kept on the sideboard and were taken to the eating table one after the other by the servants. The table had plates and a few important dishes like condiments, thus leaving ample space for table decorations. Keep these tips in mind and your Victorian dining room is ready to bowl your guests over in style!

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