The type of dining room furniture set that you buy will depend on the purpose you want the room to serve. Know more.

Dining Room Set

Dining room is the place where the members of a family sit together to have their meals. It is like a place of rendezvous, where many important conversations take place. However, with the changing times, the importance of dining room as well as its functional purpose has undergone a sea change. Now-a-days, eating is not restricted to the dining room, rather takes place throughout the house - in kitchen, living room, bedroom, and so on. Dining room, on the other hand, is reserved for formal and special occasions, such as hosting lunches and dinners. Depending upon the purpose you want your dining room to serve, basic or formal, the furniture set also undergoes a change.
Dining Room Furniture Set
Informal Dining Room Set
When we talk about an informal dining room, we mean a place that would be limited to the eating rendezvous of the family members. The number of furniture items present inside it will depend upon the space available. Apart from the basic furniture - dining table and chairs, it might have a cabinet, cupboard, hutch, sideboard, and the like. Remember, in case of an informal dining room, the most important aspect that you need to take into consideration is that there should be enough space for everyone to be comfortable.
Formal Dining Room Set
If you require a dining room mainly for the purpose of hosting lunches and dinners for guests, you will have to make it look formal. In this case, furnishing will much more expensive that an informal dining room. You will require a table large enough to seat a minimum of six chairs. Apart from that, there will be a buffet and even a china cabinet, cupboard and sideboard, if there is enough space. Rectangular tables should be preferred over round ones, since the latter have considerable dead space in the middle. In this case, much more attention will be paid to the overall décor, as compared to an informal dining room.
More About Dining Room Set
Whether your dining room is expected to be formal in purpose or serve informal gatherings, it is very essential for it to be comfortable. The next aspect that you need to keep in mind is the space available. There are so many options to choose from, in terms of overall décor, colors, materials used, etc. You can go for classic, contemporary or country décor. Then, there are materials to choose - wood, metal or glass, for the dining table. 

If you plan to use the table for a long time and are not one of those who believe in constant change, heavy hardwood table is the best. Still, you would have to take into consideration the overall décor of the room, before deciding on the exact type of dining table. As for the other aspects of the dining room, like color, curtains and things like cabinets, it is advisable to match them to the dining table and not the other way round. Remember, contrasting works better than coordinating.

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