Tap or faucet is one of the most important hardware needed for every bathroom. Go through the article to know all about the different types and styles of bathroom taps.

Bathroom Taps

Choosing the most appropriate taps is one of the first steps towards renovating your bathroom. The suitability of a particular tap, for your bathroom, will be decided by the functionality of the tap, the size of your bathroom and most importantly, the theme of your décor. There are literally hundreds of options available in the market, when it comes to bathroom taps. In this article, we have short-listed some of the most popular types of bathroom taps.
Types of Bathroom Taps
Traditional Bathroom Taps
Traditional taps are perfect for creating the feeling of the Victorian era in your bathroom. You can find such taps in cottages and period homes. Available in the form of lever handles or cross headed handles, these taps are recommended for a minimum operating pressure of 0.5 bar.
Contemporary Bathroom Taps
Contemporary bathroom taps are popular choices for modern homes and apartments. A dull looking bath décor can be transformed into a stylish one by fitting these taps. Unique shaped spouts make up the most popular choice as far as contemporary taps are concerned. The arched spout, with a single level, looks fabulous in every modern bathroom. Square handles look elegant in case of contemporary bathroom taps.
Styles in Bathroom Taps
Bathroom Taps On Wall Mounted Basins
Bathroom taps fitted into one tap hole provide a minimalist look. Called the basin monos, these taps look elegant, when fitted on a wall mounted wash basin. On the other hand, bathroom taps fitted into two-tap holes are suitable for large, wall-mounted wash basins.
Cranked Leg Bathroom Taps
An extra piece is fitted at the bottom of the cranked leg bathroom taps. The extra wiggle in it pushes the tap upwards and forwards. This way, you get the tap nicely over the edge of the bath.
Bathroom Tap Materials
Stainless Steel
Stainless steel comprises ofone of the most popular materials used for contemporary bathroom taps. With a blend of steel alloys and chromium, this material proves to be long lasting. Stainless steel bathroom taps are cheap options, when it comes to renovating the bathroom within budget. Stainless steel doesn't corrode or tarnish and is very easy to clean as well. At the same time, it blends well with any type of bathroom décor.  
Another chosen material for bathroom taps is chrome, which is created by electroplating the chrome finish over a solid brass fixture. Chrome bathroom taps are more shiny and silver in color, as compared to the stainless steel ones. These are also perfect fit, if you have budget constraints. Since chrome doesn’t corrode, it is easy to clean and long lasting as well.

Unlike stainless steel and chrome variants, brass bathroom taps are made of a single metal. Such taps are distinctive in terms of their looks and are a bit expensive as well, the reason being that they replicates gold. However, brass is susceptible to rust if not sealed properly and may tarnish over a long time as well. Hence, brass bathroom taps should be given special care, while handling as well as cleaning.

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