Choosing bathroom fixtures can be bit confusing, without the right tips in hand. Explore the article to find some very useful tips on how to choose bathroom fixtures.

How To Choose Bathroom Fixtures

When it comes to choosing bathroom fixtures, it is natural to feel confused, unless you are a professional interior decorator. One has to consider multiple factors before zeroing in on the final options. Comfort and style have got to be the keywords, when choosing fixtures for the bathroom. You need to select those fixtures which are convenient to use and do not occupy much space, in case you have a small bathroom. The article brings you some more worthy tips, which will make the decision-making process easier for you. Read on to know how to choose bathroom fixtures.
Choosing Bathroom Fixture
  • Before deciding on the type of light fixtures you want for your bathroom, you need to figure out the light level, potential location and the style you would prefer for the fixtures. Mirrored lights are a good option in small bathrooms, as they will illuminate the entire space. Recessed or sunk-in lighting fixtures are also very popular these days. They are available in plain metal rim as also in ornate designs.
  • Plain styles and neutral colors are best for those who change their décor frequently. A basic porcelain-over-cast-iron bathtub, a porcelain toilet and a porcelain or cast-marble sink is a great combination for those with eclectic tastes.
  • The fixtures that you choose for the bathroom should well complement the rest of your bathroom décor, including the faucets, showerhead etc. The design of the entire bathroom should look either similar or complementary.
  • The number of users is also a factor to be kept in mind while deciding the bathroom fixtures. Multiple sinks can be installed, if there are many people using the same bathroom.
  • Budget is also going to be an important determinant in deciding your bathroom fixtures. Fixing your budget will help you specify what fixtures you can go for.
  • If you want your bathroom to look ornate, go for embellished fixtures. Some modern pieces have a geometric or swirl design. Fluting and flora designs adorn the more traditional fixtures and they have a classic style.
  • You also need to assure that your bathroom is in sync with the décor of the rest of your house. However, this should not limit your options.  
Some More Tips
  • The bathroom tub with claw feet and elongated pedestal base is a classic design. You can also go for sunken marble or Roman style tubs to impart an antique look to the bathroom.
  • The sink options may include a streamlined pedestal sink. A sink that displays the plumbing below will impart a more modern character to your bathroom. Marble sinks will make your bathroom look traditional and so will the sinks with embellished pedestals.
  • You can go for a classic toilet roll holder or a more modernized version of the classic one. The most traditional, free-standing toilet role holder may also be your choice. Keep your convenience in your mind before zeroing in on any one.

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